When will I get my rings?

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    This has been covered ad nauseum in other updates, blog posts, threads etc.
    As PVD rings can't be reliably produced by the factory you'll get a random style in the correct size and form from the NFC ring stock. So, if you had a Stealth Alpha, then you'll get a Titanium Alpha which will either be V1ntage/Signature or Classic - just the same as on the webshop. The same will apply if you have the thinner Classic band.

    These are temporary rings.

    These rings which are not what you originally pledged for are simply to get rings out there, and on the fingers of backers.

    After kickstarter and preorders are all shipped, John will make a blog post detailing how to request a voucher and order a ring that is more to your liking.

    This way you can use a ring, get used to how it works, maybe hack out a few projects and generally come to terms with what you can do with the wonder that is NFC ring.

  • @Lokki Yea, I got this from Chris after I emailed support on the 6th.

    Chris (NFC Ring)
    Jul 06 11:29

    Hi Robert,

    We've been packing collections for the last few days and lots of them have just gone out in the post.
    Keep an eye on your email for a dispatch notification in the next day or two for confirmation. (check spam folder too or add 'frodo@nfcring.com' to your contacts).

    If you don't receive one by then, fear not - you'll no doubt be in the next batch of collections we send out.

    Thanks for your support,

    Sooooooo. I've got frodo added to contacts and all. Still no emails, but. I'm hoping maybe one day I'll get one. lol.

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    @evilrobert, that's good news there at least. Take note that though Tom commented earlier that they were packing a collection up for me, I've not yet received a shipping notification either. So hold tight, it'll come! We're nearly at the end of the kickstarter madness!

  • Got my dispatch email finally :D

  • Hi all,
    I received my dispatch mail on the 27th of May, but have not received anything at all. :-(
    Now after 3 different mails i have not got any good respons back. I want my rings now!

    According to John my rings was sent to me on 15th of May, but why did i get the dispatch mail on the 27th? Is it an typo error?

    Can someone help me out, is there any tracking code and which postal service is used to send rings to Sweden?

    Thanks and regards

  • Just wondering if anyone knows where we are up to with the kick starter deliveries. There hasn't been an update in a while, since I heard there were 3000 rings delivered on the facebook page.

    I'm still waiting on 2 rings from kick starter.

    Size 10's carbon fibre, replacement to clear.

    I don't think my sizes are out of stock. and we are past the carbon fibre issue. Not sure why mine have been delayed sooo long.

  • @jasok2 Until the point John says "All rings are dispatched" I'm not sure what good comes of asking 'where are my rings?'

    No, there's not been an update - but as you've followed the updates you'll know that it is now the final percentage that is being dealt with. John also made a comment on the KS page that he is hoping to do an update on Sunday (tomorrow as I right this).

    You and me both BTW, I have no rings yet either.

  • @shama @jasok2

    Hey guys two things:

    1. Support has come here and helped me and several others figure out what is going on, Lokki has been great at helping people know perhaps what the issue is. So don't panic quite yet.

    2. There is an update, check the blog to see more info.

    @jasok2 your carbon fiber rings will be replaced by titanium ( see this thread above) the reason the 3000 rings didnt fix the problem is the had a really high failure rate....

    Unfortunately i cannot leave a comment yet as I get "Sorry, but our system has recognised you as a spammer. If you believe this to be an error, please contact us so that we can rectify the situation.Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *"

    Perhaps you could try commenting on the blog and see if you can be helped?


  • I too been waiting for over a year now... Kinda funny the many "excuses" and promises I have collected from NFC team members... 29 messages some stating "your ring will arrive any moment..." - that started in January... In the mean while I have ordered for less cost the same product and it arrived five days later from China... check that link out! Please McLear don't send me yet another pesky response... hint: A kind and professional message would be way better received... I'm here to support, hold your thoughts - man up!


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    @zaxie hi, I'd suggest emailing support@nfcring.com and letting them know that you've been waiting a while now. It's possible that the parcel has been delayed for any number of reasons and the best way to sort it would be a direct conversation with support at this point. Shipping is standard mail and has been pretty reliable for the most part but doesn't provide for shipment tracking.

    @jasok2, the latest update might shed a little light on that one - I wasn't able to comment on the blog post and the same for some others, so Shama started a thread here on the forums. https://forum.nfcring.com/topic/348/with-pride-of-lion-update-comments/

    @Zackis thanks. ;-)

    @chefraphael, original estimated delivery was September 2013, before all the problems cropped up. That's a bit less than a year...
    I do wish you luck with your Galaring, you may find that when you receive your NFC Rings they are of a much much better quality and will last considerably longer (and be more comfortable to wear). Unlike the NFC Ring they aren't actually dust and waterproof, there is no absorber material to compensate for the effects of the steel ring and thus mileage varies far more wildly than with John's product, and the steel is not guaranteed to be nickel free or to conform to nickel limitations that are standards in the rest of the world (as opposed to China).
    I also have a sneaking suspicion that you didn't add any of the NFC Ring email addresses to your safe senders list, there has been plenty of extremely relevant communication from John and the team all the way through this project and you should have received those!

  • @Lokki

    According to the last update "We are considering the option of allowing the remaining backers to get in touch to discuss the potential of changing the ring that is causing the delays. What do you think about this? Please do comment and let us know"

    I thought it was already decided that replacements would be sent out to those who ordered rings causing delays, in order to get at least some kind of rings to backers. Then vouchers would be made available at a later date to get a ring that is "more to your liking"

    So which one is it now? Do I need to get in touch, or do I wait for my dispatch email with one of the replacements?

    All of these updates are really confusing. I have heard so many things about delays. from we are making headway, we are almost there, to ok more problems, now we are trying a different method, to it will never work so we will just give you a different replacement, to now the last update where they will consider allowing backers to change their orders.

    Fact remains, its been almost a year since initial shipping date. And yet I have no clue on where my ring is and whats happening. I am pretty good at following updates but it really seems this campaign has been disastrous, at least for some of us. All I want to know is WHEN will I get my rings?

  • @Nas said:

    I thought it was already decided that replacements would be sent out to those who ordered rings causing delays, in order to get at least some kind of rings to backers. Then vouchers would be made available at a later date to get a ring that is "more to your liking"

    No, only for certain production-problem rings. So far the problems have been (a) CF rings get a replacement because CF failed (b) plated rings get a replacement because factory can't polish them (c) one-off or uncommon ring designs may get replaced (e.g. wood + purple inlay) as the factory has been crap at following their order list.

    The latest update is more of a catch-all - and to deal with the remaining few percent. Of those few percent there may be just one ring causing the delay (from John's update the white inlay now seems to be the cause of QA fails) and so John was wandering whether people would want to swap out their problem ring for something that is in stock.

    So which one is it now? Do I need to get in touch, or do I wait for my dispatch email with one of the replacements?

    John asked for comments on the blog post, but people have been commenting on the update post and also in forum posts such as the one here.

    Fact remains, its been almost a year since initial shipping date. And yet I have no clue on where my ring is and whats happening.

    You'll see in the thread I linked to that someone has proposed a template of how they'd like this conversation to be structured. It seems pretty sensible and would answer things like 'what was my original order', 'what does my order look like now' (because of auto-replacements for CF/plated), 'what is holding up delivery' and 'what can I change to make it happen quicker'.

  • I'm a bit concerned by the comments suggesting not getting replies after sending emails to the help address. Is that the only way to get in touch? I understand the high volume of support request, but I think a missing shipment should rank a bit higher as my payment was not delayed.

    To clarify, I rcvd the email stating my ring had shipped and that was over a month ago.

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    @Chivo which help address? We have been replying to all emails as they have landed, we're really getting on top of things now which is great.. RE your rings not arriving after a month, please email support@nfcring.com

    FWIW we're about 2 days behind schedule right now which is pretty good going all things considered...

  • @johnyma22 That is the address I emailed. My comment on not getting a reply was based on what others have mentioned here, I only sent my email today and may be fretting over nothing. I rcvd the canned response already, just waiting for an actual reply to my concern. Either way, thank you for the response here and I will give it a couple days to see if my issue is attended to.

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    Ah usually with "My ring hasn't arrived yet" we just ship another ring and absorb the cost, we cleared the backlog on them last week, we tend to just put days aside to deal with them as they are quite time consuming and often we don't have the stock!

  • I got an email from Frodo that was pretty non-specific as to what's causing the hold up (I think it's size, honestly), asking if I'd like to change size or style to get them sooner than 8 weeks.

    Then I noticed they were all switched to normal rings, when originally it was Normal, Alpha, Stealth.


    Really bums me out, that I jumped up to the Collection backing level because I'm a big guy and the Alpha being such a substantial ring was perfect along with the now failed stealth (that was sweet in the prospect that no one would know it had an actual technological purpose to it) and a normal ring in case I needed to have one available for a partner living with me (door locks and all).

    Did all of the data that got filled in on the Google Docs get lost? I also just found an old email from Jan. that asked for information that had already been submitted when the original request for information via Docs came out.

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    Data didn't get lost, the reason is because we don't have any alphas left in stock, they are due in the next delivery but as the email stated that could be 8 weeks! The majority of people are happy to change, naturally some (including you) aren't and that's fine :) @evilrobert the main thing is we gave people choice.

  • @johnyma22 @lokki

    Good news without any notice my rings arrived.

    Lets wrap up what I have learned with this kickstarter journey

    1. I did indeed GET something from kickstarter
    2. kickstarter gives a glimpse into the life cycle of the product, which was particularly fascinating.

    The Pros:
    A nice lightweight rings that has to date read 2 phones and 2 Android tablets
    Met and interacted with both the lead designer & a fantastic volunteer ( @lokki that is all you man)
    In the end I got what I ordered and it functions in the devices I have used.

    The Cons:
    Dear lord communication was either a fire-hose ( difficult to sift through there was so much) or the Sahara desert ( no communication about my kickstarter order had shipped, break in updates). The only means of communications was to: open and read the kickstarter forums, read/ listen to the bi-weekly updates & visit this forum. to many places to go to get info about 1 project.
    Take my criticism with a grain of salt, we are all human and make mistakes( many certainly not NFC Ring co ltd fault) but with no one else to hear our pleas this was the only spot to vent on.

    I wish you all nothing but the best, i'll continue to lurk about and keep testing things..but I will drop out of this thread for the others that may wish for answers.

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    @Zackis Are you sure you got no communication? We send everyone shipping email so perhaps it ended up a spam folder? I'd be really eager to know if somehow you didn't get this email as it may be an error on our part and that's well worth diagnosing.. cc @NFCringTom who handles the shipping confirmation emails.

    You said "break in updates"? I don't understand what you mean by that ;\ Sorry if I'm being dumb!

    With ~10k customers and a 5 people startup team communication has to be done on mass scale, if we didn't nothing would of got done that needed to be done to get the rings to people. Imho that's not a mistake it's just a reality of running a front-loaded business.

    Doing this all again we wouldn't of had a 12 month window between K/S <> Delivery so the communication wouldn't be as required. Sadly that's very rarely a reality of building a hardware product!