When will I get my rings?

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    @hshah We are shipping the 30% that passed QA, what made you think we weren't?

    @johnyma22 Sorry, what I meant was that you could ship the normal rings and then when the alphas are sorted you send them separately (ie. for my case send the two normals now and then the alpha whenever).

    That way those who are eagerly waiting, at least have something to play with whilst the factory fix their mistake.

    However, I suppose this would incur additional costs, so I guess that is why it hasn't been done.

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    @Memnoch Nope, that was aimed at @hshah! My bad! Apologies :)


  • Ok so I have two kickstarter rings:

    1 x NFC Ring 1 x ALPHA MAN SIZE RING on Tom's recommendation I changed it to:

    On the 24th of March my order was confirmed:
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 12.5
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 13

    So why would this be so delayed? I thought 2 black rings would be easy... is this the the PVD ring issue? Should I change my order?

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    Hi @Zackis, yep that's the pvd issue.
    What will happen is you'll get a titanium ring instead in the same size as each ring ordered, and there will be a blog post later detailing how to request ring vouchers for those who've been affected like this. This will be after ks and pre orders have been fulfilled and when things are in normal operation so it'll be a very straightforward process to obtain a voucher, redeem it and have the requested ring sent out by mail.
    Don't change your order at this time, you'll be able to do that with the ring vouchers later. The Rings you do get now are being considered temporary replacements that you get to keep.

  • I'm so confused as to who is getting what and when @_@ So if I have an alpha titanium carbon/transparent fiber then it becomes an alpha titanium black/transparent. Is there any ETA on shipping because I'm so lost lol

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    @RevInstant Yup, you figured right there mate. Unfortunately, those are the ones that the factory screwed up by using the wrong inlay and are being remade right now. ETA is ASAP, and you can bet John'll let us know when they land at NFC Ring HQ. ;-)

  • I've just received an email saying that my ring is delayed. I'm sad. I'm getting married on saturday and I wish I had my NFC ring for the ceremony....... Too bad, that would have been really nice pictures

  • Well still no news on my kick starter rings I must be in the last 5%, but I got an email on my pre order ring. so should have one soon. I look forward to finally installing my digital door lock :)

  • @Lokki Thanks ever so much for the information.
    I'm glad to know what the deal is, I remember reading about the vouchers I am just a tiny bit surprised that I was not notified by e-mail, none the less your info was extremely helpful.

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    No problem, @Zackis. I believe it has all been mentioned in kickstarter updates as well as on John's blog, it's just Kickstarter is an absolute pain to wade through all the posts and updates and replies. It can get confusing.
    @jasok2, that one is confirmed as working - you should install it before you get your ring, then you'll be able to jump straight in and use it!
    @AlienSKP, ouch, sorry to hear that mate, that's no good.

  • I"m curious. Is the US distribution center right now only shipping to backers, or are they also fulfilling pre-orders at the moment? I ask because I placed a pre-order, so I'm just bracing myself if I need to wait a few days longer if shipped from the UK when it comes in stock.

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    @MikeInSeattle, that sounds like a question for @johnyma22 or @NFCringTom if they've got a moment to weigh in on it?

  • So quick question. If we had carbon and got black as a replacement will we still get a code for another ring or is that only if the carbon issue is settled?
    (Not trying to sound greedy! I'm just curious ^_^; )

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    As far as I'm aware (take this as a guide, not word from above), changed rings will warrant a voucher regardless of the state of carbon fiber development.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Pre-orders are coming from UK so its going to be a few days before you get them.

    Seeing anything from 1-3 weeks posting to North America from the UK

    @Lokki has it spot on any ring that has to be changed gets a voucher

  • So I had originally order 2 normal rings black on black, and one Alpha with Black with Black Carbon FIbre.... Changed one of my normal back in march due to problems to a Titanium with Black and White. I still have no replacement rings, no email for shipping nothing. I backed this project last June/July and its been about a year.

    Can anyone tell me when I can expect my ring. Its pretty upsetting to hear pre-orders being filled with kickstarter backers still left without a ring!

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    Hi @Nas, I feel compelled to make a couple of comments - the project is 'overdue' yes, but the reasons etcetera have been well documented and I'm personally satisfied that it can be no other way. Believe me, no one is going out of their way to personally irritate you - there's no profit in doing that so it'd be silly. If you read the updates then you will have a good general idea of where things sit as regards the delivery of your ring reward, unfortunately at this point in things it's difficult to pick one exact order if that order is being made/re-made at the factory. This is only really possible once your particular rings have passed through secondary QA at NFC Ring HQ, at which point you'll be notified via email that your order has been shipped.
    So don't despair, your order will come and it wont be long. There's a real push being made to finish things up so that KS pledges are out of the way and the world can move on to more normal online sales.
    As to the pre-orders, please consider that being upset may be over reacting just a touch. It's been stated that the only pre-orders that are being sent out are the ones which will in no way affect kickstarter pledges.
    It would be absolutely ridiculous to have a heap of rings sitting in stock which were perfectly good but not usable for kickstarter pledges, and there would be more upset from people carrying on that the NFC Ring team was being lazy, just sitting around doing nothing while waiting for the factory to deliver the last few KS pledge rings. It would make no sense at all to waste time doing that when they can be continuing to work towards tying everything up so that normal sales can start to happen and they can then continue on with product development to bring us more cool things.

    So don't take any of this the wrong way, I'm not personally attacking you. I'm simply trying to explain why some things are the way they are!

  • People have failed to comment on my post about why aren't the rings that are currently available shipping and then the alphas sent later?

  • It's pretty straight forward really. If we did that, we would have twice the packaging costs, twice the shipping costs and twice the manpower costs to accomplish this. Despite the finance that was raised initially through kickstarter last year, we cannot afford to have even more huge outgoing costs like this. We've tried our best to keep backers happy, including sending free rings out to people affected by the issues we've had, at our cost. You can surely appreciate we are trying our best to 'make this right' for you guys?

  • I think people do not know if they fall into the category of "manufactuerer error" rings or not

    Case in point, until you confirmed for me Lokki I was not sure if my rings were part of the PVD ring issue.

    At some point in the future, this should generate some sort of e-mail to my account telling me my Titanium replacement will be coming. To date, I have not gotten any notice at all...not a criticism just a fact.

    I have read/ listened to every update and only about 5 days ago did you Lokki confirm for me that I was affected by something. The info that is coming out is general(and good info at that).

    Perhaps a long update, stating if you have X ring you will or wont be affected.. might allow people to figure out if they are included or not.

    I know there is work involved and I understand that most things are NOT the NFC ring designers fault, more the manufacturer in China that keeps making failed rings. Concise info might alleviate some of the extra pressure.