When will I get my rings?

  • @Lokki said:

    howdy, @hshah. Give them a little longer, 'today' is a relatively fluid concept when you're in different timezones. If you don't hear from them in the next 12 hours lets say, I'll give someone a nudge.

    @Lokki still not received anything :(

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    then it's probably the time to send a kind message to support@nfcring.com
    please keep in mind that they receive a ton of messages and it can take some time until you get an answer

  • @Lafunamor a two ring set...:
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 12.5
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 13

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    @Zackis so the problem with your rings is the black plating. the factory has problems with it and it takes time to get some done.
    probably you'll receive some normal rings instead but I'm not quite sure if those are also exchanged.

  • @Lafunamor thanks, @Lokki confirmed the same things ( I have quite a few posts in the particular forum) according to mail I have received there should be something coming, just not sure what and when. I am delighted to actually have my 1 ring and i'll update the thread when I get these two other rings.

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    @Zackis, I think I missed mentioning it with your other post - if the ring was a PVD Alpha, then it becomes a Ti Alpha, if it was a PVD Classic then it'll be a Ti Classic. Not sure if anyone answered that one for you yet, I didn't see it first time round.

  • @Lokki @johnyma22 Hi all I wanted to repose my question about my KS rings...

    Initially I ordered via KS (two PVD rings) which Became (two titanium rings) ( per this same thread) which outlines information that is pertinent

    On June, 28th 2014 I sent the following:
    "Hey guys I realize that initially ordered:
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 12.5
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 13
    These rings are no longer being produced so I should receive 2 titanium classic rings. These rings look very similar to the pre-order rings available on the website, so why haven't I received these yet?
    There is no PVD issue ( that is solved by the voucher), there is no Alpha issue as these are classic rings, there has been no mention of polishing issues with Classic rings, my size is not one that you are out of stock on so mm what am I missing here?

    I found a message from John dated June 30th , that had been sitting in Spam/Trash,it says:
    Subject: Your request (8022) has been solved.
    "We will be shipping these this/next week :) "

    it is the 13th now ( at least on this side of the Pond) so I was wondering if these had been forgotten?

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    Hi @Zackis, it's possible that the order email has been mislaid. You might want to add nfcring.com as an allowed address so they don't jump into your spam folder again!
    @NFCringTom might be better able to answer this query.

  • NFC Ring Team

    We are starting dual orders this week, everything just takes longer than we think i'm afraid.

    in other news over this weekend we package up collections for @hshah and @Lokki

  • @NFCringTom no worries then ! At least I know your working on it and us two ring folks have not been forgotten!

    Gratz to @lokki & @hshah!

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    @NFCringTom, dude, mate, friend, nice one. I'm looking forward to unwrapping that parcel!

  • So according to the last update they have given up on the original stealth bomber and those, like me who ordered one will instead receive a T-T-T. Personally I am not a fan of the transparent inlays at all and not what I pledged for. Will backers like me get the option to chose another color at some point?

    At this point while I don't like the Transparent inlays, I would be happy to receive anything that works. I had originally ordered one alpha and one original stealth bomber size 12.5 My third ring was a black ring with carbon fibre size 8 or 9 (cant remember exactly) Tom @ NFC RING advised I should change my original stealth to a T-B-W and did so at his recommendation.

    While I appreciate John and his team working tirelessly and trying to be as transparent as possible with updates and delays, I am sorely disappointed that pretty much everything I ordered I will never get due to issues and I don't like the fact my order and colors were changed as per the last update without my input. Can someone kindly please comment on this?


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    This has been covered ad nauseum in other updates, blog posts, threads etc.
    As PVD rings can't be reliably produced by the factory you'll get a random style in the correct size and form from the NFC ring stock. So, if you had a Stealth Alpha, then you'll get a Titanium Alpha which will either be V1ntage/Signature or Classic - just the same as on the webshop. The same will apply if you have the thinner Classic band.

    These are temporary rings.

    These rings which are not what you originally pledged for are simply to get rings out there, and on the fingers of backers.

    After kickstarter and preorders are all shipped, John will make a blog post detailing how to request a voucher and order a ring that is more to your liking.

    This way you can use a ring, get used to how it works, maybe hack out a few projects and generally come to terms with what you can do with the wonder that is NFC ring.

  • @Lokki Yea, I got this from Chris after I emailed support on the 6th.

    Chris (NFC Ring)
    Jul 06 11:29

    Hi Robert,

    We've been packing collections for the last few days and lots of them have just gone out in the post.
    Keep an eye on your email for a dispatch notification in the next day or two for confirmation. (check spam folder too or add 'frodo@nfcring.com' to your contacts).

    If you don't receive one by then, fear not - you'll no doubt be in the next batch of collections we send out.

    Thanks for your support,

    Sooooooo. I've got frodo added to contacts and all. Still no emails, but. I'm hoping maybe one day I'll get one. lol.

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    @evilrobert, that's good news there at least. Take note that though Tom commented earlier that they were packing a collection up for me, I've not yet received a shipping notification either. So hold tight, it'll come! We're nearly at the end of the kickstarter madness!

  • Got my dispatch email finally :D

  • Hi all,
    I received my dispatch mail on the 27th of May, but have not received anything at all. :-(
    Now after 3 different mails i have not got any good respons back. I want my rings now!

    According to John my rings was sent to me on 15th of May, but why did i get the dispatch mail on the 27th? Is it an typo error?

    Can someone help me out, is there any tracking code and which postal service is used to send rings to Sweden?

    Thanks and regards

  • Just wondering if anyone knows where we are up to with the kick starter deliveries. There hasn't been an update in a while, since I heard there were 3000 rings delivered on the facebook page.

    I'm still waiting on 2 rings from kick starter.

    Size 10's carbon fibre, replacement to clear.

    I don't think my sizes are out of stock. and we are past the carbon fibre issue. Not sure why mine have been delayed sooo long.

  • @jasok2 Until the point John says "All rings are dispatched" I'm not sure what good comes of asking 'where are my rings?'

    No, there's not been an update - but as you've followed the updates you'll know that it is now the final percentage that is being dealt with. John also made a comment on the KS page that he is hoping to do an update on Sunday (tomorrow as I right this).

    You and me both BTW, I have no rings yet either.

  • @shama @jasok2

    Hey guys two things:

    1. Support has come here and helped me and several others figure out what is going on, Lokki has been great at helping people know perhaps what the issue is. So don't panic quite yet.

    2. There is an update, check the blog to see more info.

    @jasok2 your carbon fiber rings will be replaced by titanium ( see this thread above) the reason the 3000 rings didnt fix the problem is the had a really high failure rate....

    Unfortunately i cannot leave a comment yet as I get "Sorry, but our system has recognised you as a spammer. If you believe this to be an error, please contact us so that we can rectify the situation.Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *"

    Perhaps you could try commenting on the blog and see if you can be helped?