My ring dose not work...

  • I finally got my ring. When open the package there was one little printed plastic circuite, separated from the ring. I understand this is inlay. Shouldn't it be into the ring, and not bu itselfe?
    Neverthe less, when trying to use the ring with my LG G2 I had no sucsess at all, but if I attached the printed circuit to the back of my phone - everything worked fine....
    I see no instraction of how to assemble the 2 together, and I wonder if it should be like this and I just don't know how to work it out, or something got wrong with my shippment...
    (I have some photos taken, but don't find any way to attach them here...)

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    Everything is fine with your ring. the 'printed plastic circuit' is called NFC tag and is supplied as an extra. It should help you to find the NFC antenna of your phone.
    please check the following posts of the forum to get started and feel free to ask any question.

  • Thanks.
    Do you know of any known LG G2 (LG-D802) connecting issues with this NFCRING? Because folowing your instractions didn't help making my new ring recognising my phone... Using the little printed circuit worked, and helped me point my sweet spot location, but it don't work for the ring.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Have a look at that thread just for reference. You may need an alpha ring with the G2.
    On the other hand it depends on how long you'll be keeping the G2 for. Most newer phones work a whole lot better, with better tuned antennas and better NFC chip sets.

  • But... is this normal that when attaching this tiny printed circuit I got with my ring, to the back of my G2, it finds the sweet point in no time, and using the ring in the same manner - don't bring any results?

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    @Ariel, yes that's how it would be expected to work. The ring has a seriously limited range by design so if your nfc only barely picks up the loose tag then it will have real trouble with a normal (Classic) Nfc Ring.
    Alpha will work better, but really it might be time to think about getting a device that has better NFC anyway.

  • Thanks Lokki.
    My perfect G2 is a problem... Well, my ring is back now to it's original package, for a year or two... I hope to remember to ask for the NFC capabilities when buying my next phone.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Just from a brief look online, the G2 uses the broadcom chipset and teardown pictures show a rather large nfc antenna in the back of the phone.
    The broadcom chipset and large antenna combo are the culprits behind most of the issues with the galaxy series phones among others. Lower power output coupled to a poorly matched antenna means that if anything else goes even slightly wrong then the ring will have serious issues with working.
    A good indicator for this is that you found a 'sweet spot' for the loose tag, when really that tag should be readable at a reasonable distance on a large portion of your phone.
    Open a dialogue with, talk to them about your options.
    A switch to an Alpha band might be the way to go for you if you need to keep the G2 for a couple more years.

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    *Adds G2 to the list of problem phones, what's the link to the list of problem phones @Lokki ?

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    Ah yes. I'll get onto that, thanks for the reminder @johnyma22

    *here it is.