• My normal NFC ring does not register on my LG G2, Both of the xtra NFC tags registers fine.

    Curious to hear if anyone is able to use the NFC ring with the G2.

    The Ring Works fine on my Sony Tablet Z.

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    Did you try to roll it over the sweet spot and tryed to orient the ring differently. the problem is probably the curve of the ring, so if you have a smaller ring size, the tag will be less "flat" and so less parallel to the reader. (hope this makes sense ;) )

  • If I receive my ring, I can test it. I have a LG G2 too

  • @Lafunamor

    Did you try to roll it over the sweet spot and tryed to orient the ring differently. the problem is probably the curve of the ring, so if you have a smaller ring size, the tag will be less "flat" and so less parallel to the reader. (hope this makes sense ;) )

    I have tested the ring on a Sony xperia tablet Z(works fine) Samsung galaxy S4 (does not work) Samsung Galaxy S4 active (works, but weak signal). I use stuff like my nfc enabled headphones with no problem on all devices.
    My ring is actually so big I think I have a bigger size than I ordered and I have used it more as a thumb ring. I tried to bend the small bonus tag included in the shipment, and the G2 was still able to read it. So it must be the coating on the ring or something I guess.
    I ordered the carbon inlay so this is basically a test ring anyway. I am considering a alpha type ring if it works, and would love to see some feedback on this.

    My personal conclusion is that the normal ring does not work with the G2. I am 100% sure, and have tested it over some days now. However that just is my ring on my phone, I would like to hear if others have other experiences. And especially if the Alpha ring actually works with the G2.

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    The ring is a completely different experience to a normal tag for a number of reasons that have been covered in other topics.
    The short version of the story is that it wont read the same way or as easily as a 'normal' NFC device, so that's as expected.
    Problems show up when the phone isn't quite up to spec and is then dealing with a more difficult device than normal.

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    So it looks like G2 owners need an Alpha, pesky large phones and their weak induction antennas...

  • does anyone know if this means i might have the same issue with the lumia 1520 or has no one tried this yet? just as 1520 is even bigger than the G2

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    Hi @Steve-Peake , it depends on the antenna size more than anything else. Just, in a large phone it's really tempting to the manufacturer to actually utilise the extra space. Cross your fingers, Nokia may have restrained themselves.

    *That said, my Nokia N9 was excellent with NFC.

  • My normal ring works without fail on my Verizon LG G2. The hotspot for me is located 3/4" below an to the right of the volume rocker.

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    @govee great, thanks for that. Are you able to take a picture of the sweet spot or mark it on the back of a phone picture for the sweet spot list?

  • I was excited about receiving the ring, just as excited as a 8y old kid on his birthday while receiving his presents..... but the disappointment was big!

    The ring just doesn't work with my D802. Entering a password on the keyboard like: P@SsW0Rd!*k@aj is easier than unlocking the screen with the nfc ring.
    The 2 nfc-stickers provided with the ring work fine, but any other NFC sticker/NFC keychain works faster. I see a slight delay when i use the stickers provided with the ring, compared to other nfc stickers/tags.

    I've tried every single millimeter on the d802 and IMO the sweet spot is 2CM underneath the volume-down button. Every tag gets registered there, but the ring takes about 5 seconds to be discovered.... and it also only works 1/10 times or so.
    I don't got any cover or anything on the back.... so i guess the NFC in the d802 is weaker than other phones AND the ring also isn't as strong as any other nfc tag

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    Hi @Ferdi
    If you're having to find a sweet spot for the individual tags then the NFC field may not be strong enough to trigger the ring. You may need to request a change to Alpha, but before you do that try orienting the ring differently, rolling it slightly through or around the spot in those orientations. Some phones read better one way than the other. From a picture here: http://stellatech.com/lg-d802-optimus-g2-battery-cover-nfc-antenna-(black),a,en,815652.html it looks like you're on the right track, possibly your antenna contacts are not the best though. If you're able to remove the back cover easily you might be able to clean them by gently rubbing them with a pen eraser.

  • Hi,

    i have a D802 also and the ring won't work with my phone. I have an alpha sizeed ring. When i try it with the nfc tag you include in the package the regonition works fine as long as the tag is flat but when i stick it on the ring the phone won't recognize the tag. So there seams to be an issue with this specific phonemodel and not the ring. The problems has to to with the bending of the nfc tag in the ring so the phone doesn't get enough feedback from the ring. Do you have and tips?

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    try a different orientation of the tag/ring

  • @Lafunamor please don't be that arrogant! i am not a dump user and i tired many different orientations of the ring. The problem is the bending of the ring so i think i won't be able to use the ring till i get another phone or you use better nfc chips. Too bad :(

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    sorry it wasn't meat this way. It's a very simple thing but it helps sometimes and there are phones on which it works only in some orientations.

  • @Lafunamor ok i will try to find a solution and will let everybody know.

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    @5nickers do try not to be quick to take offense, the most difficult part of troubleshooting is getting past any preconceptions and finding that one detail that has been missed. The only time it'd be acceptable to take instant offense is if we were being directly antagonistic, which I assure you no one is. There would be no point to that.