Private and Public zones now the same size?

  • I've just noticed a post on the blog that wasn't sent as a project update, about how public/private zones are now the same size. Did I miss this being stated somewhere before? I was under the impression the back zone was smaller than front, so I'd be able to tell which side to aim at the phone even if they were coloured the same.

    I'm having visions of how much a nightmare my stealth bomber and white+white (auto replacement for silverCF+silverCF) will be to read, if I'm not even sure I'm holding the unlock side to the ring let alone in the right place.

    Can anyone who has matching sides on their ring shed some user-experience feedback on how this works out for them? Cheers.

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    Well it was mentioned somewhere in a update... must have been in one about the delays and antenna tuning.

    I can't give you impressions about the stealth bomber as mine isn't shipped yet. But yes it will be difficult but you can read both sides and only one will contain the unlock data. I always recommend to add the additional inlay as a reserve key in the unlock app.

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    Yea they are the same size, here is why:

    1. Under testing 30x6mm read performance was about 80% poorer than 20x6mm inlay. This is due to the stretched field becomming too elongated and losing it's depth ergo it's distance, also as it wraps around the ring more the field is further away from the target device.
    2. Doing a 30x6 & 20x6 meant we couldn't do Size 4.5 rings
    3. It's a lot a) easier and b) more cost effective for us to have to maintain one antenna spec/design and train up staff to only work with one antenna.
    4. The ring actually looks better with 2 x 20mm

    Hope that helps :)

  • Yep I don't doubt the reasons were all good! It's just it was a surprise when I saw the post from a couple of days ago as I don't remember seeing that in the updates throughout the year ... BUT I wasn't religiously tracking updates so totally possible I missed it.

    If I'd seen it though I'd have thought twice about ordering a ring with the same inlay colour front-and-back, because I was relying on size difference to let me know which was the private and which was the public.

    I was curious about how those who have received their rings are finding it (if they have matching front+back) because I'm one of those who's having to wait for my ring. I got the collection, with an alpha, with a transparent inlay, which sounds like it is all the possible delays rolled into one!

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    Well it's difficult to differentiate the two sides of my stealth bomber ring but you could easily make a small dot with a permanent marker to get a clue.

  • @Lafunamor

    Well it's difficult to differentiate the two sides of my stealth bomber ring but you could easily make a small dot with a permanent marker to get a clue.
    That was what I was thinking - something small and discrete that wouldn't ruin the look but would be noticeable if you knew what you were looking for.

  • I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who missed this and was confused. When I got my order confirmation, I wrote back to say that they had mixed up the "top" and "bottom" inlays. They wrote back and said that it didn't matter because they were the same size, which sent me looking through information trying to figure out how I had misunderstood that. I never did find it. I had, until then, thought that my "bottom" inlay would rarely be seen, and that the "top" inlay would appear to be a band that encircled the ring unless you examined it more closely. I don't know if the knowledge that the ring was symmetrical would have changed my order, but I do know I was disappointed to learn that the ring I imagined was not the ring I would be receiving.
    I'm sure it makes production easier to not have to deal with two sizes of anything. But if I had my druthers, I'd just want the smaller antenna centered under the larger inlay. But who knows, I may change my mind when I see the ring.
    Also, I'd like to point out the "top" and "bottom" are not especially informative adjectives when describing a ring, and are even less helpful when the ring is symmetrical. Perhaps that will be changed now that all sides of the ring are equal.

  • Hi all,

    just a new user to this forum. Haven't read all threads until now. So be patient with my post.
    I understand the reason for using 20x6mm inlay on both sides in technical and mechanical ways.
    But wouldn't it be possible to put the inlay for the outside zone into a middle of an bigger gap so that the coloured finishing surface gets an bigger extension than the inner one?
    So the look woulnd't be symmetrical anymore and the users with same color on both sides can distinguish the private and public nfc.tag.
    For the oncoing production such a change is impossible, thats for sure.
    But I am one of the backers for the carbon fiber ring. So i post my suggestion for the future.
    If the two sides for the carbon fiber ring stay the same size, is it still possible to change the inner/outer inlay color for the order?

  • They currently aren't shipping carbon fibre rings, and you should have received a survey asking you what alternative inlays you'd like. You'll eventually get a voucher for a CF ring when they are available.

    So for now, you should be able to change the order for your two inlays :)

  • @TJ2014 I ordered 1 side Carbon Fiber & 1 side Black for that reason.

  • @Memnoch Thanks, thats an good idea. I'll change the inlay order. was not sure, if this is still possible.

  • @asbath You are right, I just received the titanium black-black version and have actual the problem of identifying the correct side ;)
    So I thought about posting a suggestion for the the not yet produced black-black carbon fiber ring.

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    Don't hassle support with requests for change just at the minute though, there'll be a blog post later on with instructions on how to redeem your replacement ring vouchers. Just hang tight for the moment.

  • @johnyma22 Thinking about this, would not it have been possible to change the problem tags, but to leave the inlay sizes different for just such a reason? Perhaps by keeping the new tags centered in the larger inlay?

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    @LoganFive Nah, we tried that, the problem is when the inlay cover material gets thicker it starts to shrink as it cools leaving the inlay cover looking distorted, this also lead to a confusing user experience..

    The shrinkage is more abrupt on areas where there is no inlay as there is less resistance, hence why it contracts more on those parts.. I also think we had issues with air bubbles as it was a few hundred microns thicker than the material allowed for, I do have some pics somewhere of how nasty these rings looked..

    We tried every approach to solving this, all other approaches would have meant additional delays, something we can do in the future but for KS things were already going too slowly so we made the decision to reduce complexity and ensure quality and readability.

  • @johnyma22 Gotcha, that makes sense.Just letting my brain run through it's crazy paces!