• I was really hoping to get a black ring with a transparent inlay on my 25% discount, plus a few others. :(

    Will these other options be available eventually? Should I save my 25% voucher until then and order all the rings I want at once?
    Can someone please let me know which ring size I ordered on the kickstarter?

    I dare anyone to tell me that this photoshop I made of transparent on black isn't the sexiest thing you have ever seen.

  • NFC Ring Team

    It will most likely be available in the future but as of right now we can't give an exact date.

    When the dust has settled it might turn out that we have some surplus B-B-T rings. If that turns out to be the case we could maybe seeing if one would find it's way into your delivery package.

  • Community Helper

    was B-B-T a KS option? It probably look really cool. Somewhat stealthy but also "modern". It would also be a nice option instead of the CF.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Here are some photos that I snapped in China of Black-Transparent rings



  • I was hoping to pre-order an alpha stealth ring since I got a normal size through KS and I think I might need the bigger nfc inlays, but I noticed they aren't up yet. Does anyone know when they will be up for pre-order, or did I just miss finding them?

  • Community Helper

    There's going to be a short delay on Alpha ring pre orders in case they're needed for exchange purposes. It shouldn't be too long and I'm sure John will make an announcement when it's going to happen.