Durability of upcoming payment enabled ring

  • Having had three of the 2016 generation rings, I was not particularly impressed with the durability (first two the tags peeled on and the 3rd snapped when I fell off my bike), has anything been done to improve this in the latest iteration?

  • I have had the same experience with the 2016 rings, my initial two were replaced by support, after the inlays peeled out from the edges, and of my two rings that were replaced both of the replacements have peeled up at the edges. one is now unusable and the other is close to breaking.

    As I have a new payments ring on back order I haven't bothered getting support to replace the 2016 rings again. I am just hoping the payment ring comes out before my last 2016 ring breaks.

    The pictures I have seen of the payments ring indicates that the design is radically different, no inlays at all. so fingers crossed it will be much more reliable.

  • NFC Ring Team

    FWIW we ended up fixing the inlay peel issue on the Horizon and Eclipse rings. The latest production (Horizon & Eclipse) rings have the issue resolved. The issue never effected the 2013 rings.

    The Horizon and Eclipse issue was caused by a radius on the inner face of where the inlay was inserted which allowed a gap to form over time (water ingress / expansion/contraction (due to heat) etc.) - once you have a crack then most people (including me) enjoy getting their nail in or time just removes the inlay completely.. To solve this we polish the ring a lot less creating a harder radius on that edge which stops the inlay from allowing any material in.

    At the end of the day we're an engineering company and having failures taught us a lot about how to test for durability.

    Our payment rings are tested beyond anything we have ever made before. We have exceptionally high expectations and have spent a lot of resources making sure we get it right first time around (famous last words)...

    1. Apologies for the initial Horizon, Eclipse, Helios durability. This was our learning experience w/ Ceramics and bonding Epoxy to them reliably. All rings that went faulty were replaced Free of charge without any return required.

    2. If your ring is going faulty. Please request a replacement. Email support@nfcring.com

    3. Our test criteria / tools / machines / documentation are ridiculously thorough now. I can't share any images/videos etc. because they are protected IP but safe to say we recognize the importance of rings that are reliable and quality of build is paramount to our approach.

    Does that answer your question?

    It's important we accept when we make mistakes and do everything we can to provide the absolutely best user experience with our rings given the resources we have (which thankfully are pretty ample nowadays and will be even more ample moving through 2017!)...

    Thanks for the support guys!

  • @johnyma22 Thank you for the reply. I understand the difficulty in creating something this durable and I am impressed by your customer support regarding the matter. Although I shan't be pre-ordering, I eagerly await your next release.