Verification Issues with new ring

  • I ordered one of the new rings and when I got it, tried setting it to unlock my phone and switch out my previous ring. Unlock app works fine and recognizes the ring. I go into the Control app and try and register my ring and I can hit the hotspot with no problem. I get a message saying that I am already registered and would I like to reset my password. I know what my password is and have reset it multiple times online but apparently the app doesn't recognize it. Any suggestions how to get the ring registered?

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    You only need to register once to use the unlock app. there is no need to register your ring in the NFC control app.
    just add the new ring to your keys in the unlock app and you're done!

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    Just to clarify that a little, the Control App registration is only so that you can allow the use of the Unlock App. That's all it does, if you're already using the unlock app then you don't need to do anything more than what Lafunamor is saying.

  • I have registered once but the app isn't recognizing me for whatever reason. I have had to uninstall the unlock app and reinstall it from my initial use and now it will not let me into the menus because it is saying that I'm not registered. Do I need to try using the old ring to open the app? After the uninstall I am not sure if it will recognize the ring or not.

  • I recall that the username in the screen is all lower case, even if you submitted it from a mixed case email address, as I did.

    Again as I recall when I mistakenly tried to register again with my ks2016 ones, using the lower case email address it told me I was already registered, per what the others are saying - only necessary once - though not obvious in the app itself..

  • My email address is all lower case anyway so this wouldn't have affected me. The interchangeability of user name and email address is also misleading. I am using my email address to try and log in with still no luck.

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    Please note that it's case sensitive. If you still have trouble please reset the password using the following link

  • @Lafunamor If you read my initial message, you would have noticed that I have already done this multiple times. The app is still not registering my new password. My email address is all lower case so the case sensitivity is not an issue for me.

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    @johnyma22 might be able to help

  • NFC Ring Team

    All I can do is point him to the validation code reset link.. He can email to ask for a password reset -- he will need to email from the account he is trying to reset though..