2016 Ring Inlays coming unstuck.

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    I think it is a manufacturing defect, we see it more on some models Vs others. I think it's caused by a number of factors I'm going to get them to address on the next production run.

    None of the prototypes had this issue so I'm pretty sure it's not a design issue.

  • @johnyma22 said:

    I think it is a manufacturing defect, we see it more on some models Vs others. I think it's caused by a number of factors I'm going to get them to address on the next production run.

    None of the prototypes had this issue so I'm pretty sure it's not a design issue.

    Do you still have supply from the last production run ? I'm just wondering if I'm likely to have the same thing happen again when I receive the replacement.

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    Yea @Jasok2 - It's possible but unlikely. I'd say the chances are < 5%

  • My eclipse has the same issue, I think. One corner is sticking up very slightly (less that 1 mm, only noticeable when looking from the side) I don't really think it's an issue for me unless it gets worse.

  • I wonder how long after receipt are the inlays starting to raise? Just something to look out for I guess.

  • @Cie said:

    I wonder how long after receipt are the inlays starting to raise? Just something to look out for I guess.

    I noticed the corner sticking up when I got it but didn't think much of it until I saw this thread, at first I thought the epoxy had just overflowed a bit but then I realized that I could push the corner down which means it's loose. Whether or not it will get worse I don't know, but I hope not.

  • Unfortunately my Horizon ring has the same issue. The black side is coming unstuck. The transparent side is fine.
    Will take pictures later and email support.

  • Mine haven't come up yet, but I could certainly tell a difference in the inlays for 2013. They seem to be recessed, you can actually feel the slight dip in them. In contrast both of my new rings I noticed right away that the edges were raised and just plan out rough. I was concerned about them coming loose and so I found my way here. I guess I need to contact support. On a positive note, they work so much better. It seems to be read through phone cases better than the 2013 was with nothing, so kudos on that.

  • My Helios ring arrived and the next day the bottom inlay fell out completely. It looked to be an issue with the adhesive completely separating from the ring.

    I'm just waiting now to hear back about whether it can be replaced with the same model.

  • I am having the same problem with my ring. My concern is whether a return will be accepted as there is a nasty scratch on the tag that is coming out, this happened several weeks ago and I am certain it's not related. The tag, like other people's in this post, was sticking up when I received the ring and it has only today actually come loose.

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    @GP97 Happy to replace that for you :) email support@nfcring.com

  • I just received the replacement Eclipse, and was surprised to see it is about twice as thick as the Horizon:
    The Horizon was labeled as size 9 but was in fact closer to 9.5 (too large). That, as well as the black inlay coming unstuck, led me to order a replacement.

    The replacement Eclipse seems to have the same inner diameter as the Horizon (so it is still too large - will confirm later with a caliper) but the outer diameter is even bigger due to the thickness.

    Moreover, the black inlay on the replacement has a bubble, and both inlays have minor blemishes.

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    Dimensions here: https://github.com/JohnMcLear/nfc-ring-specs

    Eclipse should have a deeper groove (ergo thicker band) due to additional materials.

    "about twice as thick" is questionable ;)

  • You're right about "twice". According to the caliper, the Eclipse is 2.3mm thick, just as the datasheet says. But this Horizon is 1.85mm, and the 'comfort fit' curve makes it seem even thinner.

    (By the way, the Eclipse datasheet says Horizon in the first page)

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    @Nephiel Legend! Thanks for spotting, copy paste ftl ;) Will fix 2mrw (or if you get to it before you could fix it as we now provide libre office files to do so!)

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    Sorted =)

  • So there definitely "appears" to be a larger inlay quality production issue going on. This week I got my replacement Horizon and again the inlay is sticking up more than the ring. Its not as bad as the first one and even though I know It will likely be replaced I still have to pay the delivery on that, so I think I will just keep it.

    But to make matters worse Today my Eclipse arrived today and it has an annoying blemish that looks like glue under the clear inlay part that ruins the look of the fibre. Its quite difficult to get a good photo of it, but in the flesh its very noticeable to the point where I wouldn't wear it and certainly anyone I tried to show the ring off to would see it and see the poor quality finish. So I will be contacting support about this one.

    I did promise @johnyma22 that I would ship back the original Horizon when the replacement arrived so you could take a good look at it and I will but I may wait to see if you or support also want the Eclipse back so I can save on shipping costs and do them both at once.

    The first photo is a photo of the replacement Horizon, notice its not nearly as bad as the pictures of the original one I posted above but the inlay is still sticking up. The second one is of the Eclipse. It doesn't look to bad in the photo but its very noticeable when you see it in real life.

    Photo 1 - Replacement Horizon

    Photo 2 - Eclipse

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    @jasok2 is having very bad luck :P It's also worth noting that specific models (horizon 7, 12.5, eclipse 7, eclipse 5) had much higher QA fail rates (due to raised inlays) than others. The factory think it's due to moisture entering the ring. I think it's caused by heat and lack of keying, we're investigating after CNY so it's fixed in the next revision.

    Happy to change both at once. RE blemish, some dust got in or it looks scuffed? QC'ing the fibre is tough because you gotta look from every angle and rotate the ring, takes a long time!

    Obviously with first revisions of any new product it's not going to be as good as the 100+ revisions of the 2013 model. That's just the nature of new product development, the main thing is we do everything we can to ensure NFC Ring wearers do get what they want, even if it takes a few attempts! You can see evidence as our commitment to this with the CF/Stealth bomber vouchers campaign that we ran..

  • Hmm... My Horizon 8 has started doing this over the past week(ish). Ignored it at first because it wasn't too bad, but its getting worse to the point where the inlays catch on things now :(

    I'll mail support with photos :(

  • @johnyma22 said:

    @jasok2 is having very bad luck :P

    Thankfully my luck has improved by 50%

    Support gave me a voucher to replace one of the two rings and cover postage. It was a bit frustrating and also a bit funny because they gave me the full amount minus 1 pence. Unfortunately my credit card has a minimum of something weird like 37 pence per transaction so I was a bit stuck until I figured out that i can get around the issues with paypal.

    anyway finally I have a very nice Eclipse ring. The Horizon still has slightly raised inlays but I suspect i will get some time out of it before the inlay breaks.

    @johnyma22 I am posting two faulty rings back to you today. I'm putting 2 rings in the one box to save shipping costs.