NFC ring to wake the device when you hand reach it.

  • My idea is to use the NFC ring to wake the device and light the screen of the phone when it detect the ring.

    This is not a new idead. It has been featured on Xda developpers. Here is the original link.
    I can't post the link because of forum rules, but search for the news "Enable NFC While Locked or Screen Off on the Galaxy S III" on XDA Developpers.

    The the user want to access it's phone right now, it need to press the power button, and the nfc ring team released a software to automatically unlock the phone.
    Well... you can do better. When the user take the phone in it's hand.... what else could that be for if not to use the phone ?
    I suggest to modify the operating software to wake the device as soon as my hand reach it. It would also unlock the display. This means that I could instantly (or almost) use my device without any hassle of button pressing/unlocking.

    I am not a developpers, but I know that this need custom modification to be done. I see that there are some custom version of the nfc program in the operating system, but I guess someone could make a Xposed Module (that would be available to every rooted phone, regardless of the brand) and enable to scan nfc tag when the screen if off.
    I do not know about what would be the effect on battery usage. I am currently trying to do something similar with tasker and the proximity sensor (if my phone was in my pocket and I remove it from there, wake the device .. king of logic).

  • In the examples I've seen, the NFC Ring together with the Unlock App performs both the Wake and Unlock functions when used.

    Some demonstration sequences press the power button first, in order to confirm that the device [u:16zu6fse]is[/u:16zu6fse] in fact locked.

    I think this is the right app?

  • I have not found a song that allows for the phone to wake.... Only, to unlock. Can anyone advise if this song exists?

    The whole point for me was to wake AND unlock...

  • I would imagine leaving the NFC card active while the phone is sleeping would definitely be detrimental to battery life.
    I would really like to see the ability to wake to a default lock screen and from there either use the ring or default options to unlock the device. I wouldn't be surprised if this already exists for rooted phones... I just don't feel like rooting.

  • I believe it's baked into the android OS that the NFC antenna turns off when the screen is off. There are workarounds, but they do require some modification of the OS, so they that may prevent that functionality from being offered the standard, NFC unlock app. There are ways to make that happen, though.

    This thread: [url:3fsoxvsp][/url:3fsoxvsp] talks about a way to use NFC to unlock your phone from the standard, Android lock screen. The same combination of mods can be used to make the NFC chip active even when the phone's screen is off. There is, I think, a battery penalty for that. Whether or not it's worth it, I can't say. I only have NFC active when screen is on.

    Keep in mind that none of this deals with the security hole this opens up: Once the NFC chip is active when the screen is locked or off, any chip can be read and acted on, not just your ring. I don't know if the NFC Ring Unlock app deals with this issue, and I don't know what actions an NFC chip could or could not initiate on your phone, but it's something to keep in mind if you take steps to make your NFC chip active when the screen is off.

  • When I first posted in this thread,idea/experiment had not been done and it was still in everyone head. Now some stuff has been done to enhance our use of the NFC Ring.

    Initially, I thought of a modificaton that would enable the nfc sensors even when the screen is off. I don't know how much battery drain that would cause, but maybe a lot because the sensors always need to send pulse ?
    Of course, better methods are available : when the Moto X was released, it pleased everyone with it's active notification system. With the good ideas, some users created programs to duplicate Moto X features like "Gravity Screen", "Active Display", "Ac Display" and so on.

    The software "Gravity Screen" allow to turn on the screen when it detect that you take your phone out of your pocket. It does this by using the proximity sensors (used to turn off the screen when you are talking to someone to minimize touch event) and this method is very good for the battery. Then, as the screen is on, the nfc should start working and your phone will unlock itself in your hand. Nice! I take my phone and it's already usable.

    There is other software than this one to do the job, and it can also be done using tasker, but with tasker the proximity sensors detection is just to slow and you get too much false positive/delay.

  • @timemaster

    My idea is to use the NFC ring to wake the device and light the screen of the phone when it detect the ring.

    The only way to do that right now is with the Xposed Module...but unless your phone is rooted, it won't work.