Late Carbon Fiber Voucher/Ring Exchange

  • I first bought an NFC ring two years ago from the original Kickstarter, and I've really enjoyed my experience. I ordered 3 NFC rings originally, two of which were supposed to have carbon fiber tags. I haven't really been on top of my email this past month or so because I've been transitioning into college, so I missed my opportunity to claim carbon fiber vouchers.

    I'd be okay with that because my old ring was fine as it was, but something terrible happened the other day... I lost it! I was probably fiddling with it and dropped it somewhere. One of my other two is a poor fit (normal ring, 8.5), and the other is an alpha and looks a bit awkward (size 10).

    Anyway, I was wondering if there was any way I could still claim my vouchers to go towards purchasing a new 2016 ring or send my remaining two rings in for some credit.

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    I'm not sure but I think they add some late entries.
    Just drop an e-mail (from the same mail you used in KS) to an let them know. please also post a link to this thread. So they know you asked here too.

  • I messaged John on KS directly and he said to post here so I don't think anything new will happen. I'll try it though.

  • Same here on the late voucher order. I posted in another thread, and will also send an email in.

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  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey guys,

    Sadly we can't add new vouchers for free rings any more, that window of opportunity came and went.

    We decided that as a company we need to draw a line under this and move forward so we can focus on the future. Apologies if you were affected negatively but imho we did everything we could to make it right and went way beyond what was expected of our service.

    Customer service is a tricky thing where you want to do everything you can but you can't just give your company away and I feel like we behaved appropriately and have learned from it :)

    Thanks for the support and apologies again that we can't take this any further.