Waiting for a replacement ring for weeks..

  • I received an Alpha ring on 4/25 which had a long strip of rough, unpolished titanium on the face of it, along the edge of the black inlay. There were also square ridges inside of the ring. I sent it back on 5/1 after emailing support and speaking with Tom. My tracking number shows that it was delivered on 5/4. Today is 5/5, and I have no status, nor ETA of when I will receive a replacement. If it only took a few days to receive my blemished ring, why is it taking weeks to receive a replacement? Has anyone else gone through the returns process? I'm trying to avoid filing a PayPal dispute, but when I email to check on the status, all I get is "I'll check and get back to you." No one gets back to me.

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    Can you give us the case #, please? When was the last response from Tom?

    It might take a while for the shipping company to track down what happened.

  • The case number is 12819, tracking # 9114999944313446744597. Apologies for placing this in the wrong forum category. I didn't realize what section I was viewing.

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    No problem.
    @NFCringTom @johnyma22 can you please check?

  • Hey @FlyBoy276 - I replied to your ticket which should resolve the issue. Apologies we've not gotten back to you sooner, our primary customer support representative seems to have been slacking somewhat - but basically, we're at the mercy of our US distributor when it comes to USA-based returns. They usually process them at least once a week (if there are any), but for some reason they also seem to have been slacking a bit here. I've kicked some butt and hopefully we'll improve this process so anyone else won't experience the delays you have in the future.

  • Thanks for quickly handling this for me, Chris. :)

    Question: Do you know when we can expect rings to be produced in the styles that are in the picture on the americas.nfcring.com main page? The white, carbon (I think I heard that one was scrapped?), and the one that looks like the inlay is hidden?

  • Hey @FlyBoy276 , sorry I missed this (i've been on vacation for a little while!)
    The other styles on the main store image are actually Carbon Fibre, White and Silver. We had serious quality control issues with the white inlays and decided to stop making these as there were far too many QA failures coming through. The Silver was the same really, as we have to use a special silver paper as part of the inlay and they were not always as smooth looking as we had originally seen with the samples we made. The carbon fibre has been something we have been working on solving for the past year or so and are getting very close to solving this issue. An update on this will be posted on our various channels in due course!

  • Also waiting for the silver and black carbon fibre I pledged for...