NFC Ring unlock app code

  • Hey guys,

    I'm having a bit of a problem with my new ring. I can't get my unlock app code be it with the NFC Ring Control app or NFC Ring Unlock app...

    When using the NFC Ring Control app, I select "Register" and then find the sweet spot. Unfortunately, after that, nothing happens.... My phone beeps each time the ring is detected, but nothing more. Any insight on this?

    Secondly, when using the NFC Ring Unlock app, after entering my gmail information, the app asks me for my "NFC Ring One Time verification code", I suppose I get that with my previous question...

    Therefore, if anyone has tips on how to solve this problem, it would be greatly appreciated :)

    Phone : LG Nexus 5
    NFC Ring : Signature

  • NFC Ring Team


    1. Are you running the latest version of the NFC Ring Control and Unlock Apps?
    2. Do you have Internet connectivity?

    Registration checks your ring is genuine then gives you the option to create a one time verification code.


    J :)

  • Hey! :)

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.

    That's why I'm kind of confused ^^" The ring is genuine, I received it yesterday....

    Thanks for trying to help :)

  • Community Helper

    please make sure all applications are closed and none is running in the background. then open the control app gain and try to read the ring. if this is successful try to register.

  • Hi :) Thanks for the reply :)

    Unfortunately, that didn't work either. The ring is read by the app, but when I try to register, nothing happens except the usual beeps of the nfc detecting something...
    Nothing is written on either side of the ring.

    Any other ideas?

  • Community Helper

    have you tried reinstalling it?

  • @Gotokk On a slight side note, If you have been able to get android 5 on your LG nexus 5 then I would recommend using the built in trusted devices feature to unlock the phone instead of the NFC Ring Unlock App. Its much more functional in regards to answering calls, having alarms on and a much more seamless experience.etc.

    In the mean time another alternative to NFC ring control is "NFC Tools" This app doesn't require any kind of registration.

    Hope this helps until you get it sorted out :)

  • NFC Ring Team

    @jasok2 fwiw NFC Ring Control doesn't require registration either..

  • @johnyma22 said:

    @jasok2 fwiw NFC Ring Control doesn't require registration either..

    Oops My Bad :)