Shipping notification in May but no rings yet.

  • I got the shipping notification on May 23rd. I waited until July 3rd to contact support. They got back to me on July 23rd informing me that there was no tracking information but asked me to provide my shipping address to verify. I sent that back to them the same day and have not received a response. I'd like to think I've been fairly patient with this and would just like an answer on what happened and if I can ever expect to see the rings.

    Back story, I moved at the beginning of this year and emailed support to update my address. I received a confirmation that my address had been updated in their records but I suspect that something may have gone wrong and it shipped to my old address.

    I am very excited about getting to use them! Please someone help me out.

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    Hi @BrianJ, send another email and we'll also see if @johnyma22 or @NFCringTom have a moment to weigh in here.

  • Email sent. Thank you! Support request 10159 if you want something to look at internally.

    OOPS! I meant 10195 as the internal ticket.

  • Any word on this? I've not gotten a response in email or on here.

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    It can take up to a week to get a response but I'll try to get this to @NFCringTom's attention.

  • Make that a month...

    Ticket #8770: No response since 28.7.
    Ticket #9803: No response since 4.8.

  • Just received a note that they have shipped my rings again. Thank you so much for handling this! I'm extremely excited to get my rings.

  • Still haven't heard anything...

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    @NFCringTom could you please check?

  • Just over a month now (Sept 1) since my notification that the rings had shipped. Is five weeks a normal time frame to get rings to Florida in the US? I saw that you now have a Fedex option. If the rings are missing in transit or returned somehow I would gladly pay extra for Fedex shipping so that we have tracking and some confirmation. Thanks again!

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    @NFCringTom, @johnyma22 could you please check up on this?

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    Thirty days is getting to the extremes a bit now, I would add though that we did just have two packages arrive in Australia which were shipped with the same batch as yours Brian. So it could have been a mail hold up somewhere in the UK. But it does sound like it has gone missing again :( .We are getting a US distribution center set up so we will be able to send it tracked from there.

    We do seem to have certain problem shipping area where the postal service seems to be incredibly unreliable and Florida seems to be one of those.

    Is the Florida postal service known to be quite sketchy or could it be customs being particularly stringent with post coming into the state?

    Either way all US mail will now be shipped internally via USPS so hopefully it should end the issue

  • Hard to say. I don't do much international buying that isn't a digital product. Usually our postal service is pretty good. Funny enough I've only had problems with a product once and they were mailing across town. They had the address correct but it kept getting returned. Third time it worked. I offered to pick it up but their policy didn't allow it.

  • What is the next step here? I hate the thought that you guys are losing a bunch of product sending me rings that don't make it.

    @NFCringTom tagging at Lokki's request.

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    That sounds entirely painful, @BrianJ. I've just been fighting with UPS in Adelaide because their policies regarding investigation of non-delivery are pretty ridiculous so I feel for you here.
    If you use the "@name" function then it'll give @NFCringTom a notification when he logs on, it makes it easier to see at a glance that things are happening in threads you're a part of.