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  • NFC Ring Team

    Part of our roadmap is to have this ability:

    So far so good! Will do a blog post about how quick it was to get this up and the challenges we faced/are facing. Happy to see pull requests with additional polish :)

  • Looks really great! It did run laggy, but it very well have been my PC, it's not up to date. Would the final script allow for customizing the ring view for inlays, ring size, and color?

  • Awesome, works very well on my GTX 470 graphics card. Are you going to make an alpha sized one as well? (I am really hoping that the alpha size goes up for sale soon because I would love to buy one!)

  • NFC Ring Team

    @LoganFive yea, that's exactly the plan buddy :)

    @lostboardmayhem Yea, should be a walk in the park once the classic size one is made :)

  • NFC Ring Team

    Managed to get UV Mapping working and posted a tutorial up on my youtube.

    You can now see the inlay:

  • Community Helper

    hmm... lighting is weird. are the light sources fix or are they rotated as the ring is? because the transparent inlay is currently a bit bright and the black one is very dark.

  • Community Helper

    Looks very nice, the black inlay comes out looking slightly more 'satin' finished than you expect from seeing the transparent inlay but it's otherwise awesome.

  • @Lafunamor said:

    hmm... lighting is weird. are the light sources fix or are they rotated as the ring is? because the transparent inlay is currently a bit bright and the black one is very dark.

    Yeah it looks like the lights rotate with the ring, because looking at the transparent inlay front-on you see three light spots and they move when you rotate the ring. Also means looking at the sides of the ring one side appears dark when it's on the right and other side looks bright when it's on the right. The environment map also moves around with the rotation.
    It's a bit weird! A more neutral environment map would help to show the ring better, currently the titanium looks either orange or dark/black depending on which bit of env map is showing. People probably aren't interested in some building.

  • NFC Ring Team

    @shama Any chance of some help on how to sort it please? I'm a noob to three.js so really guessing as I go along! is the specific inlay I'm working on and is the lighting


  • @johnyma22 Aaaargggh, you're making me look at javascript ... I told you what I thought about that!

  • Community Helper

    Try reducing the shininess and reflectivity of the top inlay a bit (line 91 and 93). that should make the inlay better visible.
    the specular color of the bottom inlay should be white (line 62). I didn't found it in the code but try to gibe the black material a greater diffuse coefficient so it's better visible.
    this should improve the image a bit.

    I could also be wrong, my computer graphics course was a last year so I don't remember everything.

  • So looking at the code (you bad man you), it seems that yes - what is being rotated is the camera. Which means the lights/envmap will remain pointing at the same place on the model. Kind of like here ... ... note how the shadows move with the objects, and the dark part of the meshes is always the dark part.

    It isn't so obvious on your ring version though because there isn't a background/floor and so no shadows cast to get reference.

    I know nothing about three.js though but assume this is the culprit:

    controls = new THREE.OrbitControls(camera);

    Ideally the controls would rotate the ring model rather than the camera. In that way the fixed light positions would hit different parts of the ring as you moved the ring.

    As for the envmap, something really neutral or maybe even just removed would show off the ring better IMHO.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey guys, I did some more bumping and tweaking. Finally got something I'm happy with :)

    What do you guys think?

  • Community Helper

    cool. the image of the inlay looks a bit dark though. but it really cool now, great job!

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