When will I get my rings?

  • Was adamantly told my rings were definitely shipping last week. Have not received a shipping notification. Can someone advise please what the process is, ie do we get shipping notifications still? how long after shipping are they sent?

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    Hi @Marty, please allow some time if it's shipped - if it included a stealth bomber that was replaced then it may be shipping from the UK regardless of your location, this could add a little extra time. Usual process would be for the shipping notification to come first but there have been some instances of the notification becoming lost in the aether or turning up after arrival.
    You weren't waiting on an Alpha Ti-T-B ring were you?

    "...Here is another curve ball guys... Not related to @Benito's question. The latest delivery we got had loads of Alpha T-T-B, the factory used the inlays that include the other companies name on them.. *Facepalm.. So that's 155 rings we can't ship from this delivery of ~2000 before we even begin QA testing.. We have asked the factory to remake all these rings..."

  • @Lokki, yes I appreciate there is shipping time so will take some weeks, thats not really my question. It would be nice to get a confirmation when it was shipped. My email works - ask Tom 8-) - so would have expected a Shipping Notification when it was shipped out - hence my query on the process.

    So how do I know if its shipped or not? Do I raise a query to Support? Didn't want to do that as Tom is obviously busy and is only delayed further by such emails.

  • @Lokki, just saw you 'Curve Ball' statement. Yes they were waiting on an Alpha to complete the order 2/3 weeks ago. I was advised that my order SHOULD be shipped 2 weeks ago and then WILL be shipped last week ( as late as Thursday ) so I assume that the Alpha Ring had been fullfilled with a QAed unit. Maybe not....I don't know....

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    @Marty Shipping notification went out today

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    @Marty, there you go man, @NFCringTom is the one who knows!

    • the quoted statement was from John on the kickstarter site, update 40 comments section.

  • @Lokki and @NFCringTom - Received Shipping confirmation 2 hours ago. Excellent. Cheers

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    Excellent, rock on man!

  • Still nothing on my end. I've been checking my email and my spam :(

  • Nothing yet for me either. Can someone check the status of my rings please? @NFCringTom @johnyma22

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    There will be an update out soon. probably you have transparent Alphas and those are delayed as the factory produced them with the wrong inlays. just stay tuned for the update

  • I have the following on my Kickstarter order:

    Normal (Classic) Ring in Titanium Normal Color Metal with a White top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 9.5
    Alpha Ring in Titanium Normal Color Metal with a White top inlay cover and a Silver bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 9.5
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 10.5

    @Lafunamor @NFCringTom @johnyma22

  • I had an alpha titanium with transparent/carbon fiber. I'm almost convinced that my ring will be the last Kickstarter one sent out.

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    you can read the new update on the blog (here)

  • @Lafunamor Surely the simple solution would be to ship what they do have and then fulfil the Alphas later?

  • The video for the update is marked as private.
    Sigh, I'm an alpha-transparent victim. Plus stealth bomber. In a collection. @RevInstant I think I'll be joining you at the back of the queue :)

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    @shama said:

    The video for the update is marked as private.

    I've already informed John about that

  • After multiple emails and messages, is it too hard to get an eta on my rings? I'm getting tired of "wait for an update" and "soon"... I would like someone to look at what I have ordered and give me an eta. If it means you ship the ones you do have and the remaining ones later, then so be it, but it is unfair to keep people waiting without any decent news.

    @Lafunamor @NFCringTom @johnyma22

  • @Lafunamor said:

    you can read the new update on the blog (here)

    Well, from reading that...I guess I have a long wait....Alpha size 11, not to mention the CF problem.

    EDIT: wrong ring size, it was 11,

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    Yea sorry @Memnoch the alpha issues took us completely by surprise, although we did get 30% alphas or so through QA so you might be getting yours sooner rather than later!

    FYI your order is NORMAL-T-W-B-9.5, ALPHA-T-B-B-9.5, NORMAL-B-B-B-10.5, it will have been changed to NORMAL-T-W-B-9.5, ALPHA-T-B-B-9.5, NORMAL-T-B-B-10.5.. It shouldn't be a huge problem fulfilling that order but it's just a case of waiting for the re-polishing and all we can do is wait for China to get them done and sent them back to us ;(

    It's a sucky situation for everyone involved, the only good news is that when you get your ring your experience should be relatively seamless as many before you have filed bugs / documented issues etc. so we have put lots of improvements in place... Again though, I know it's not ideal but I just want you to know while you/we are waiting we're working on improvements and not sitting around twiddling our thumbs..