When will I get my rings?

  • @Lokki @NFCringTom and whoever this may concern


    Let's keep it short and sweet

    KS backer.

    Alpha Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 15.5

    Yeah that PVD issue, I know...

    emailed support and they said I 'll get a temporary replacement and a voucher down the road to order an additional ring

    responded that I would like a v1ntage temporary ring

    got the ok and a "please comment on the update"

    that was 12 May 2014. KS campaign ended August 2013. We are a month away from August 2014. A year later and the only thing that the "limited group of people" that are in limbo has, is the ability to come here and force an answer from a "community helper". No support, no email "hey man I know you are pissed, but we are flying to china to open a can of woopass and make your ring ASAP". Generic updates that have a % of non fulfilled KS backers without a ring for x,y,z manufacturing issue is costing the nfcring team sales. Sales that non pleased KS backers are advising against, cause they are f... pissed about the one year waiting situation.

  • @d3ac0n I understand your frustration and have been saying things like this for the last two weeks or so. I do want to defend Lokki and the guys as without them I would be 100% clueless at the WTF is going on with my exact ring(s). Just so you know the PVD issue means no ring, at all, is being made..yet. Hopefully word of something will com much sooner than later

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    @d3ac0n hi, thanks for including all that info - it makes things a little easier than usual.
    Unfortunately it sounds like you've got a less common size and it was most likely still on the order sheet when the factory gave up on even trying to produce PVD rings. So now you'll be waiting on a replacement ring to be manufactured, QA tested and sent.
    Just to clear something up, when they were getting everybody to comment on the kickstarter update it was just to get a feel for what people were interested in - that then went out as a replacement for PVD rings, then the next most asked for ring was the substitute, then the next in line. As they're being deemed temporary replacements that you can keep forever and then order your next ring using the ring voucher there's been more focus on actually sending out rings with correct sizing than there has been on sending out a certain style to each person.

    This post became far larger than I thought it would. Don't take it as being aimed at you in a negative manner, I just feel that these things are being misunderstood by many and would prefer that they weren't.
    On with the rest of your questions, and all this is my understanding of how things are -

    I dislike the tag on my profile/posts. Before, it was 'NFC Ring Team'. Which is great but did cause confusion. Now it's 'Community Helper' to point out that I am not being paid to provide help to anyone but am part of the community. I just do it because I enjoy helping people out. I'll probably stop if it becomes more trouble than it's worth. So quote-unquote all you like, you're not forcing anything from anyone but if you want help with things then we're able to do that where we can or directly pester someone who can help you into doing so.

    I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about what is actually possible in the greater scheme of things - imagine if the chinese factory in question were to be brutally alienated (I'm not debating what they may or may not deserve), if that were to happen then there would be a mandatory pause for reflection while John sourced another factory, negotiated terms with them, got them up to date on the designs required and then waited for them to tool up to suit the rings. It's a serious delay to do it that way.
    So what has happened is that he's had to persist with this one while teeing up others and letting them go through that process while still using the original factory. It means delays, and QA failures, and backer irritation for now. But once they're up to speed it means better more consistent quality and the ability to tell a poor performer to lift their game or lose out. That's what is missing currently from the equation with only a single factory.
    It's been a single factory up to this point because of the sheer expense and difficulty involved in getting each one set up to go.

    Support is a one man operation, he does a huge job with only 24 hours in each day and works his way through all queries big or small. It's far easier and more personal to send someone here for help where the community as a whole can work through any issues with you rather than your question simply being one among thousands of emails which shouldn't even be going to support. Support should be for ring not work, ring not fit, ring not arrived or variations on those subjects. Instead it's everything from 'my galaring doesn't work' to 'abusive behaviour number 12' and the actual NFC Ring issues are stuffed in the middle of all that.
    Note that while he's answering emails and sorting through the unnecessary stuff he's neither able to work through the real requests nor able to help QA/pack/dispatch.

    Something else to consider in all this is that no one is going out of their way to irritate, alienate or otherwise upset you. There's no percentage in doing that, no gain whatsoever, so I really don't get why some take it so personally when they're part of the minority who haven't been taken care of yet. It's coming, we'll all get our rings and so what if it's not when the original estimate was. We're still getting an excellent product which will pass through John's stringent QA process and will last for a good long time. It's this journey that we signed up for on kickstarter and it's been a great one thus far, John is still here and communicates with us, there are updates, there are replies here and in the comments section on kickstarter and he is doing his absolute best to push things along. The kickstarter portion of this project is where all the learning happens, and you find out what you can and cannot do, and what you can reasonably expect from manufacturers. It's sure given me a few pointers for if I ever put that one great idea out on kickstarter.

    I've already made known on another post my views of the hysterical 'don't buy this' mindset that is far more damaging to the community than anything else, especially when you consider that the majority of orders has been fulfilled and the rest are being worked on!

  • @Lokki @johnyma22 @NFCringTom

    I re-read Lokki post above and I should get titanium replacements for my two classic rings...are these Alpha rings? ( my order was for 2 black rings 12.5 and 13 with black inlays ) originally one was an Alpha but then was changed to classic. If my issue is not a problem with the Alpha umm where the hell are they at? 2 classic rings in titanium seem awfully close to the pre-order rings that are available...

    A collection is three rings, what about the people who ordered just 2 rings are they in the same boat as collections? The assumption is yes, but I have learned better to ask than assume.

    Keep on keeping on gentlemen, any word on when pre-orders might start to go out just recently the screen changed and it now said arriving in July, or is it Late June? I pre-ordered my brother a ring and am curious if he will get it before he deploys out of the country.

    If you would be so kind as to let me know it might help others like me in the same boat.

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    Hi @Zackis. I think it's safest to simply lump all multiple ring orders in together with the collections, they'll be subject to the same problems if on a lesser scale. One ring may have come through and then the other not for whatever reason. Then you get to play the waiting game while China's Factory of Care and Loving Attention to Detail murders the replacement on a regular basis.
    It's likely that there is already a single ring set aside for 'Zackis' which is waiting for a friend before being shipped, just bear in mind that PVD rings were the single most popular choice and when they were dropped that made every replacement available the single most popular choice, decimating the stock which had been held aside for preorders/replacements and whatnot. So the guys will have had to order more to cover replacements and preorders, leaving the battle with QA to slow things down again.

  • @Lokki I thought as much, and you confirmed my thoughts as well. On the good side, the information is more than what I had before Friday.

    With the better clarification and info I certainly get a better idea that truly I will actually get something because believe it or not everyone I work with and know is 100% convinced I wont get anything...ever. Fighting that type of inertia every day is tough on the customer when every time they ask ( Did you get your ring) I have to say no...

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    @Zackis, yeah that kind of pessimism is pretty ridiculous. I mean, why would that ever be the case... rings are being delivered constantly, so those ones who are messing with you like that are doing it purely for their own entertainment. Got to make you wonder why no one can be positive for someone else these days, as a race we're becoming a pretty selfish bunch for the most part.

  • Are there any more updates on when I may get my rings?

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    John posted that they'd received a batch early, QA'd most of them successfully and are busy picking and packing! It's in the main comments section at kickstarter.

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  • @Lokki I got a message on Twitter saying I would get an email or something yesterday but nothing turned up :(

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    howdy, @hshah. Give them a little longer, 'today' is a relatively fluid concept when you're in different timezones. If you don't hear from them in the next 12 hours lets say, I'll give someone a nudge.

  • Just wanted to update @Lokki and others that I received the ring I per-ordered in June (around the 19th or so) this Thursday ( july 3rd ) I also saw a message that potentially my two ring order may be coming, no e-mail on that yet.

    I've been playing around with the S4 phone and the heat map is pretty accurate. I will be trying it out on other devices as soon as I get back to the lab where I work.

    The good:
    I got a ring hallelujah! Thank goodness I got a ring to use!

    The so-so:
    As expected it will not scan through my Mophie case, this was expected.. but irritating.

    The ugly:
    I got the single preorder ring in less than 3 weeks, still no sign of the KS rings, as of the 13th of July that would be almost 1 year to the day. I say this not to incite people's anger just simpl that yes it'll take a while but they are indeed making rings and sending them out to people. Hang in there!

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    @Zackis what was your KS order?

  • Good to see there's people still waiting and it's not just me. :)

    I got the limited send email back in January about only having details for one of my rings and I was entitled to 3 rings, (since I backed The Collection early) so I replied to that with the information, and got it confirmed by Bret. That's the last email I got from anyone; never did get the "yesterday" email John mentioned in his 28 JUN 14 update (I've got all of the emails sent still, so I know they don't go to anywhere but my inbox), so I just emailed to make sure I didn't get lost in the system somehow. I figured having the stealth ring (and all of my inlays were white/carbon) would put me in the delayed group, but figured I'd hear something at some point.

    That, or making size 13 rings took so much material they still had to source it. hah.

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    Hi @evilrobert, looks like you got a multiple whammy there with the partial order, a cf change, a stealth change and having one of the less common ring sizes into the bargain! @NFCringTom or @johnyma22 might be able to help out with the missed email if they get a moment.

  • @Lokki said:

    howdy, @hshah. Give them a little longer, 'today' is a relatively fluid concept when you're in different timezones. If you don't hear from them in the next 12 hours lets say, I'll give someone a nudge.

    @Lokki still not received anything :(

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    then it's probably the time to send a kind message to support@nfcring.com
    please keep in mind that they receive a ton of messages and it can take some time until you get an answer

  • @Lafunamor a two ring set...:
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 12.5
    Normal (Classic) Ring in Black Plated Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 13

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    @Zackis so the problem with your rings is the black plating. the factory has problems with it and it takes time to get some done.
    probably you'll receive some normal rings instead but I'm not quite sure if those are also exchanged.