Offensive support requests

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey guys, we're getting offensive support requests...

    At what point should our community be involved in supporting us when we decide to cancel a backers pledge? Is it something you'd like for us to entirely internally or should we have a conversation prior to this?

  • Handle it in private...this should not be posted in open will just cause problems.

  • Community Helper

    Remembering that no one should have to take that kind of abuse, especially on a regular basis first offenders should be gently reminded of the old adage about catching more flies with honey...
    I don't think these ones will affect the community too much because they're obviously not of the right mindset to join in effectively anyhow. Maybe they will in future once they've calmed down but I think their ring will be swiftly forgotten once they've got it and are bored with unlocking their phones.

    I'd get em out of the way and trust that they won't be around forever.

    *may not have been clear: I mean fulfil the order and hopefully that will be the end of the interaction.

  • I disagree, posting this in an open forum for all to read just makes John look bad & unprofessional ...It's just like posting someones PM...JMO

  • Community Helper

    well if they are legit KS backers you'll have to deal with them
    I'm also for removing this thread as I also think this shouldn't be public at least not the exact messages

  • NFC Ring Team

    Removed the quoted content from the support request.

    Imho transparency is the most important thing we can have but it appears some of you disagree so we will allow the democracy to make this call.

  • Community Helper

    I just think that there is no benefit for the community in sharing those messages (as reason for my post)

  • An open community is one thing, but a company != community. These kinds of things should definitely be dealt with in private IMHO. They're internal issues related to the company, and not issues directed at a 'community'.

  • Community Helper

    @shama said:

    company != community

    doing some fancy coding style of ¬=? ;-P

    I would refer to KS terms to deal with those problems

  • @Lafunamor said:

    doing some fancy coding style of ¬=? ;-P

    Ah my C# foo slipped out ...

  • Agreed. This is something best left to private conversations. The support request is made to the company and unless the requester decides to bring their discussion to the community (i.e. Kickstarter comments or this forum) it should be left out of the community.

    That isn't to say that the requesters should be atrocious or rude, but still it's their right to maintain a directed conversation until they decide to take it some place public.

  • My 2 cents, handled in private unless the other party makes themselves known or tries other slander attempts. Then the gloves are off and its full disclosure.

  • You've removed the quoted content, so I'm not sure if you're talking about ceasing communication with a backer (justifiably, if they are rude) vs. deciding not to fill their pledge they've paid for based on an arbitrary definition of being offended. I think the community might have something to say about the latter...