[Poll] What shall we do with the Q/A failed rings?

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    @Lafunamor said:

    I asked John about it. He doesn't think it possible to fix it. The problem is all the coating and glue.

    see above ;-)

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    @asbath said:

    I'm split between "Gift to backers" and "Sell in outlet stores".

    If you can somehow recover that ring by removing the finish, peeling out the faulty NFC inlay and sealing in a new one, all without damaging the ring itself, then it should definitely become a refurbished unit that's available for sale in an outlet type store (or on the NFC Ring store as a refurb'd unit).

    However, if the QA failed rings are not salvageable, then you might as well give them away to backers! If the NFC tags themselves have failed, then the ring itself is essentially useless to anybody who's looking for a NFC-enabled accessory. It suddenly becomes just a ring. A nice titanium ring though!

    The problem we have though is that not all Q/A failed rings are created equal so to speak

    The failures could go into

    a) Fail Visual

    b) Fail Read (99% one side)

    c) Fail Read and Fail Visual

    Only 1% of rings have fail reads on both sides. So the rest of them are split between rings that look great but only work on one side and rings that are visually not perfect but perform to expectation.

    It would be great if we could do some combination of all the options (apart from destroying them). There are some rings which look really really good and it would be a shame to see them potentially be destroyed. It's a really tricky one trying to work out which could be the best route to take.

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    Accoring to @NFCringTom suggetion I edited my site and added polls for the four sets of failed ring. I've also made them multiple choice so you guys can select more options.

    Please note that you have to re vote.
    @asbath @LoganFive @Lokki @Memnoch @shama @skaiiol

    Link: http://swissgadgetguy.blogspot.ch/2014/04/nfc-ring-forum-poll.html

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    Just to add something into the mix, even the failed read rings might have their uses - I have one failed inlay on a ring I have for testing purposes. I've found that it's impossible to distance read, and I do mean impossible. But if I place it against a reader and exert the most minimal amount of pressure the chip comes back into contact with the antenna and reads 100%.

    I kinda like that.

  • It's a "feature" :)

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    @asbath said:

    It's a "feature" :)

    That's my thought too. ;-)

  • As said on the post of Lokki, why don't you offer them to guys who make you some add, or find new feature to add to the app, or create something cool with the ring?

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    Yep, that's already in progress. If someone comes up with ideas and shares them with the community then they'll get a QA visual fail ring for each realised idea. We want to see people starting cars, open boxes, hacking NFC into things that didn't have it to start with and basically inserting the ring into daily life in any and every way imaginable!


  • I'm assuming my order hasn't been packaged yet. I'd love one of the failed transparent/carbon fiber alphas __ Just to see what it'll eventually look like.

    Transparent/black is cool but my heart was with that carbon lol

  • (Second option, in the second poll on the page has a typo = "grab gab sell" instead of "grab bag")

    Maybe have them as a buy-one-get-one-cheaper option? Some kind of bundle deal so "real" sales still happen (rather than just a cheap stand-alone sale that lessens the reputation of all the NFC rings that are actually 100%) ?

    PS: Just a quick point regarding the bounty offer for hackable guides and sending out QA fail rings: Hackers-who-are-backers > hacker-pre-orderers > hackers-who-haven't-bought-a-ring-yet. Just a thought. I'm about to get my hack on with some NFC stickers given I still have no ring, as I now have Arduino + NFC shield.

    PPS: Any chance of a wiki for build-guides and better sharing (and improving) of How-To instructions? (preferably including image hosting)

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    @gth, the rings for innovation that I've got at the moment are a tiny percentage of the QA fails and at the moment there aren't many contributors so it may as well be first come first served, though I will try to favour backers and truly helpful sorts. So if you feel like contributing anything, go for it. You too, @RevInstant - I don't have any carbon fiber to give away but I do have a few visual fail stealth bombers which look pretty nice until you hunt for the flaws. John has made a point of making this side of things very community driven so it's up to us to push things along and make the things we want to happen, happen.

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    @gth said:

    PPS: Any chance of a wiki for build-guides and better sharing (and improving) of How-To instructions? (preferably including image hosting)

    can you request this in a separate thread please? I think it's a great idea

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    Hey guys, an update on this we're posting the link to this thread on the next update and asking people to share there ideas.

    We now have 5,000 QA failed rings and the potential of getting another 6,000 so a total of 11,000 rings available. It's time to decide on what to do! :)

  • Wow. I'd dare say that you could give out 1 failed ring to each backer, and then still have enough left over for some other sort of grab-bag item.

    I don't mean to belittle your efforts or those of the manufacturer, but jeez that's a lot of failed rings :(

  • Is it possible to get back inlays from all those rings?

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    I've discussed this and repairing the rings with John. The problem is that all is glued in and you can't get the clear coat away. So no, there is no way to get the inlays back.

  • Ho maybe an idea.
    By using the 3D model of the ring, create a surface layer

  • @Lafunamor said:

    John asked the community on KS what to do with the Q/A failed rings. See here for the original post.
    So I started this tread to have a place

    attach them to a nice card which says

    "Hi I'm a visually failed ring, I'm yours for free, if you like me and find a use for me, please order a new ring at http://store.nfcring.com/"

    then send me about 20-30 of them and I will give them out at work. I work in an IT firm so they will definitely generate interest, and hopefully more sales :)

  • @jasok2

    OK so replying to my own post, Iv since watched the 30 min update video, and now understand this can't cost anything. I still think they could somehow get used for marketing. Also perhaps sold to the community in bags of 20 or 50 or 100 random rings for the cost of delivery.

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    I definitely like the idea of using them as marketing instrument. I would love to have some to give to my friends who are asking me about my ring so they can try and get sucked in ;-)