Question about shipping status

  • Can someone please write some settled list of shipment by countries/areas.
    I know it's kind of hard extra work for you, but it can give you (nfc ring team) some order, and us (costumers) some information.
    I'm asking about such thing because you only mentioned about US, UK and EU.

    p.s. I'm from Israel, and I got your confirmation email on the 8 of March. When did you shipped (if so) the rings, because I'm starting to worry that the Israel post office "lost" my package.

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    Hi there, personally I'd prefer to let the guys be so they can pick, pack and ship.
    You may be referring to your order confirmation, there is a seperate shipping confirmation that you get when your ring hits the post office.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Basically we have two distribution centers one in the UK that deals with ROTW and one in the US that does USA and Canada.

    We do not have any bias to a specific country when it comes to posting rings. If we have rings for an order we ship them out as soon as they arrive from China. As of now we have shipped to 61 countries and have fulfilled approx 30% of orders. This should be more by the end of the day as we have another delivery of rings going out.

  • Its been 2 weeks since the update on the 25th, should we have all got an email or anything yet ?
    If not, that's cool just wondering.
    FYI - Im in Australia

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    Hi mate, from what I can gather the shipment was split from China and rings are being sent out as they're available.
    You'll get a shipping notification when your ring/s are packed and posted.
    Shouldn't be long now!

  • cool

    Iv even bought my new door lock ready to go but want to test it with the rings before bothering to install it.

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    Sounds like a plan mate, which door lock did you end up getting?

  • I got the SHS-1321. I did actually order the one you got that didn't work, luckily i contacted the ebay seller in time and he changed my order.

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    Ah, good - I'm glad my trauma has helped out in that respect!
    I'll be interested to hear how you go with the 1321.

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    See the video below for a more actual update: