NFC-Ring unassmbled?

  • Today I've got my Nfc-Ring, but it doesn't work with my phone (Galaxy S4 GT-I9505). :(
    In the package were also 2 nfc tags in different sizes which were recognized by my phone.
    So are these 2 tags normal and could it be that there are no nfc tags assembled in my ring. :?
    (Or am I to stupid for this? :oops: )


    Thank you in advance. :)

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    Memnoch is right, mate. They're bonus tags, the large one is what was going to be the public inlay until it was found that having both tags the same caused less read issues and simplified manufacture as well as allowing smaller ring sizes.
    Galaxy S4 and some other phones are known to be problematic with the Classic ring - there is testing done with an S4 at NFCring's lair before the rings leave but for various reasons phones out in the world can be both better and, more usually, worse at reading NFC tags.
    Please look at the announcement items at the top of each sub forum, there is a voting poll going for streamlining the changeover process from Classic to Alpha sized rings in the case of read issues - I suggest everyone votes there for the choice they would prefer.

    In the meantime, do a careful sweep of the back of your phone with the ring first in one orientation, then in the other while you have NFC switched on and S-beam switched off. when you start hearing the failed read sound concentrate on moving the ring around that area to see if you can trigger a proper read, and perhaps try rolling the inlay in that area.
    Sometimes it's simply an adjustment of expectation, the ring needs to be right on the back of your phone.

  • You have tags installed in the ring, the other 2 tags were a bonus.

  • thank you both for the quick reply.
    i've already found the sweet spot with the bonus tags but when i go over this spot with the ring nothing happens.
    i will try the ring with other devices if it works.
    and thanks for the hint i already have taken the survey :)

    i've now tried the ring on 3 devices and it works nowhere (S4, S3, Nexus4)

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    Ah, that's a pain then, I'm sorry you've not had any luck with it so far!
    The poll and the community's choice in the classic/alpha switch is still going for a few more days and wont effectively change your situation much right now, so perhaps emailing <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> and get the ball rolling would be a good move. Explain which ring you have, which phones it's not working with and quote this thread so that they can have a good understanding of the issues you're having. Do it from the email address you used as a backer on kickstarter and give them anything else relevant like name/address/etc so that there doesn't have to be a huge back and forth via email.
    Be aware that the team is busy being run off their feet a little at the moment but they will get back to you when they're able, and keep us in the loop here as well so there's no chance of you falling through the cracks.

  • i ve send the mail
    hope for quick fix of the problem
    keep you updated

  • Also no luck with my s4 using small stealth bomber ring. With tpu case and without, occasionally trips it when I'm not trying. Where on the phone have people been lucky??

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    Hi mate, it's less luck and more method than anything else. Try your ring both horizontally oriented and vertically oriented, moving slowly and listening for the read/error tones. When you start hearing the failed read tone then concentrate around that area, still moving slowly.
    It can take some practice but you'll get there! Reading at all means it's capable, you've just got to get your method down pat.

  • I don't have an S4 but an Z10. From earlier posts in the KS website there was a concern of the normal rings not being able to be read, but mine seems fine, even with a Skinomi skin applied. There is just one spot for it to work but once that spot was located it works fairly stably. So I think this would be similar to S4. @Lokki made a very good suggest of orientating the ring and I think it does matter. Also it might not be as quickly as one would expect, it might take 1-2 second for the device to pick up the signal.

    On a different note, I can't find the bonus tags in my package. Is it something only for a specific batch? Should I be contacting the support?

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    Howdy, @victor

    Which was your backing choice for kickstarter?
    I'll query it.

  • Hello @Lokki

    The email saying my ring is in production says: "Normal Size Ring with Black Plated Metal. Your inlay choices are Black and Black Carbon Fiber"

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    Sorry about the delay in replying, @victor - I've mentioned this to @NFCringTom and I gather sending a quick message to and letting them know that you didn't get the bonus tags would be the way to go.
    Glad to hear you got your ring and all is good, by the way. It'd be great to hear from you what other phones you're able to test it on if you get the chance.

  • Thanks @Lokki . I might be able to get hold of an HTC 8X later this week. Will keep you posted.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey guys, so this ring arrived back with us and works fine on all of our testing devices

    Our returns process really doesn't help here.. Obviously we fulfilled an order, paid shipping etc.

    These are the options I gave the OP.

    1. Refund
    2. Change to an alpha ring (additional fee) and £5 handling fee for handling/postage.
    3. We can return your current ring, there will be a £5 handling/shipping fee.

    What do you guys think about these options? Seem fair?

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    I think those are good options you gave.

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    @johnyma22 said:

    1. Change to an alpha ring (additional fee) and £5 handling fee for handling/postage.

    I think this option probably needs to be expanded upon and explained as part of the returns process and as an option for "ring don't work". OP was on version 1 of the forums and appears to have had a tough time working out how to use the ring on a difficult phone and hasn't yet used his account here.
    Fair, but could do with some explanation for the guy.