NFC Lock Box

  • @Lokki

    Have you guys seen the electronic pass code operated gun safes etc that you can pick up cheap on eBay? I wonder how hard it would be to hack one of those into working with NFC. Should be too difficult... As far as I can tell its a fail-close type solenoid that stops you twisting the unlock handle until the correct code is entered.

    I'll need to get some guns first. And a foid card. I guess I could put my paintball gear in it :P

  • @itzdarkoutthere

    That's a neat idea. I might have to hit up the lumber yard soon and mock something up using my extra electric strike.

    I'm just looking for something that could be hidden on a bookshelf or under some floorboards. think like a healthy cash box size.

    hell, or even one the size of a large book that i could make look like an old encyclopedia or something

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    You can get all sizes of electronic safes, all the way down to tiny handgun style safes that are useful for a number of things and very solidly constructed. I'd just like to see someone hack one for NFC. ;-)

  • Hi everyone
    Firstly excuse me for my english :D

    I was doing some research on internet for my personal projet and this forum comes out!
    Exactly what I wanted to do.
    Using the NFC ring, an arduino board and a NFC module like elechouse V3 and some other stuff to build a "box" with a NFC lock.
    And all what I found to build my box you are talking about it here!

    I have one question
    I will use a wood box with a thickness of aproximatly 1cm( don't realy know)
    Are you sure that the NFC module can read with this distance?

    Maybe we can help each other cos I see here that you are trying to do the same thing?

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    Hi mate, your english is fine. :-)

    They've got a good idea here, I'd love to see someone do it with one of these;
    They look like they'd be pretty much perfect for such a thing.
    I'd say yes it should read through that, I've had my elechouse unit reading a reasonable distance away with both Alpha and Normal rings perhaps 30mm or so from the top of the unit. So it should work, just experiment with it a bit. Set up the arduino to trigger a LED and then put your building material on top of the reader and see how it goes. If not then you can always build a housing for the reader outside the box and keep the arduino and latch on the inside where they're safe from interference.

  • I ordered everything except the nfc ring, just to be sure that my system works well with a couple of nfc tag.
    I decided to minimize the cost with chinese products.
    So the lock system will be something like that

    I'll use very cheap materials to show that with only less than 50 bucks we can make something reliable.
    Just the NFC ring wich is a bit expensive compare to te rest, but it worth the price :)
    Photos and feedback as soon as I can.
    An instructable too.

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    Photos and feedback as soon as I can.

    Excellent, that'd be great mate.

  • My PN532 elechouse NFC module is finaly arrived!
    I still don't really understand the difference between I2C of HSU mode.
    Is there someone who could add me on skype so we can discuss about this module and how it works?

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    Hi nairod, could you pm your skype address if you still need help? I'll add you and see if we can sort through it.

  • Any luck with the project, Nairod785 ?

  • Waiting for an Arduino Nano, I broke the first one

  • Did this awesome idea ever come to fruition?

  • Your project but with a KeyDuino :)

  • Pretty cool MrStein ;)