Address and stealth bomber query

  • Hey!

    Just received confirmation letter "Confirmation of your NFC Ring Order"
    with Delivery Address shown like this:
    ���°Ñ�Ñ‚�°�²�½�¸�º�¾�² �¿Ñ€-�ºÑ‚ 6 166
    I mean, that's a strange place to live) Some transcoding issue, i suppose?

    Could you guys look into it?
    [i:27dv4w0b]Baker Alexey Melnikov.[/i:27dv4w0b]

    And another question. I wonder is there visual difference between stealth bomber ring and black\black\black super black ring?

    Thank you!

  • Community Helper

    Hi mate, you need to reply to the confirmation email and state clearly any corrections that need to be made.
    The Stealth Bomber has become black/black/black instead of black/black/black carbon fiber.
    Slight visual difference due to no carbon fiber.

    I've split this post from the last topic so it doesn't get lost in the mix there.
    When you want to make a post that doesn't follow on from previous discussion it's better to make a new thread for it, you're more likely to get replies. :D

  • I was wondering this exact query! Thank you Lokki for clarifying the black/black/black conundrum!

  • NFC Ring Team

    I'll just add here we are currently working through the support issues. If you have one waiting, it should be solved by the weekend, just in time for the first delivery :)

  • Community Helper

    have you replied to the mail?