Will payment-capable NFC rings retain all or any features of previous rings/products?

  • The title says it all. I want to know if I can have my front door open with the new payment-capable NFC rings. And other things of course! Tell me what you can, I'm very interested but I want to know what I'm buying with the pre-order exactly. Thank you in advance, and very good job on the technology! I read some posts and it sounds like you put in a lot of effort to make it real.

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    I'm super interested. Secure payment brings this idea over the line for me, but I still want to be able to unlock my house, etc. Any info would be appreciated.

  • It will mostly come down to weather or not the tag is writable. which we wont know until @johnyma22 is allowed to tell us.

    The Samsung door lock I have just reads the tag ID, it doesn't write anything onto the tag so in theory it should be fine. Same for an android unlock screen.

    The Windows unlock app on the other hand writes an encrypted text string into the ring, so if the ring is not writable this will not work.

    I am of course not a tester and making assumptions of compatibility.