• hi i ordered the ring on the 2nd of june and have been tracking my item and says its in transit and now its the 13th and still nothing.

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    Can you give us some more information? Are you located inside or outside us? did you use the international store or the us store?
    If you're outside the us and used the international store there could be an hold up at customs.

  • im located in Australia so it was shipped from uk.

  • hey @Omer yeah i feel your pain...australia post has really killed 13 days im tipping its in australia....
    now you just have to wait for SlowPost to get it to you
    last few things ive had delivered from uk took 10 days to get to melbourne, then 6 days to get to gippsland
    its getting as bad as ordering from hong kong

  • OK Iooks like I have to wait bloody Melbourne and auspost

  • @MarkGabb when it arrived in Australia did it have tracking information on auspost website

  • @Omer first time it did, but second time it didnt...ive actually called aus post before and asked them why if its a tracked delivery doesnt it show up.....

    their answer was " just because you selected tracked, doesnt mean its scanned everywhere, just means it can be tracked if it goes through the scanners...."

    pretty poor aus post pretty god damned poor

  • They should upgrade their tracking software or what ever

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    Yep. Auspost for the win eh. I love being in the country...

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