Incorrect shipping on the NFC store

  • @johnyma22 I really wanted to take advantage of the spring sale. Especially after missing the window to use my cf voucher. The site gives a link to go through the US site for better shipping costs. That link seems to just route back to the EU site. I did notice the "ref us" tag on the sites address bar, so I continued hoping it would give the US shipping. This was not the case. It still used EU shipping prices. The price was something around £9 +change. Thought this was a mistake and so I started again. Same this time except the shipping went up to £13 plus change. I really wanted to get the 2016 to go with 2 ongoing projects of mine, but wanted to make sure I didn't pay took much. I'm just now at the end of the sale able to get some extra cash together to get one. Also, are the rings going out now of the second production run? Thanks.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey @LoganFive the price is converted to USD at checkout and the price is always the same as it's provided by Royal Mail.

    RE "Also, are the rings going out now of the second production run?" -- I'm not sure what you are asking here.. What do you mean?

  • Hey Logan,

    We've extended the Spring Sale for the rest of this week, so you're good there.
    We ship the 2016 rings from the UK, so they are only available on our International store (UK-based).
    You should find though, that the cost of a ring in GBP works out cheaper in USD from the International store, due to favourable exchange rates at the moment (in your favour!)

    We do also have some stock on though if you want it quickly with free shipping (prime holders).