Locked out of my phone, no way to get in

  • Hello,
    as your locking app is FAR from perfect, I'm now locked out of my phone, without the ability to get back in. Before pointing out the obvious: yes, I properly set up my ring, lock screen etc. Unfortunately it was activated before I could set the pin, as I rebooted to see if it really took over the lock screen. My gmail credentials are "invalid", according to your app, and I’m sure I use the right gmail account and password, and no, 2 way authentication isn’t activated. Anyone any ideas?
    Thanks in advance, David

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    you need to use the google account on which your phone is registered. Please also double check whether you write an capital letter at the beginning (due to automatic behaviour of the keyboard) as login credentials are case sensitive.
    maybe @johnyma22 has some other tips

  • NFC Ring Team

    Can't really suggest much more, the fallback mechanisms should be in place for getting in so I'd usually suggest depending on those like you did :)

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    at least I remembered all of those ;-)

  • Thank you guys, I managed to get into the app again and immediately deleted it. Won't be using this product ever again.

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    If you have a phone with a newer Android version (I believe 5.0 or above) you can use the system integrated lock screen with the ring as a trusted device.
    The NFC Ring team worked really hard to get this functionality in the core version of Android.

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    @damo said in Locked out of my phone, no way to get in:

    Won't be using this product ever again.

    It's usually a good idea to complete setup before testing, the fallback PIN is pretty important. If the device wasn't able to check your credentials with google then it would have failed to log in that way.