does the unlock feature work for windows phone

  • Hey I'm currently using a windows Lumia 640xl running on windows 10 os.i was just wondering if the newer nfc rings of 2016 supports the unlock features on the windows phone.because as I checked in the nfc ring control app there is nothing related to unlocking and I also couldn't find a separate unlocking app like what android has.

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    Due to limitations of WindowsPhone it's currently not possible. I'm sorry.

  • Not entirely true.
    There is a way to automatically make it unlock the windows phone.
    Currently the ring is purely used as nfc tag.
    But if the app had a function to start apps(like nfc launchit) applications it can be added to the trusted apps.
    It will bypass the unlockscreen automatically and directly start the app.
    You could simply download nfc launchit but it would be nice if the nfc ring control app had this functionality.
    It would only have to use the UID of the tag to recognize which app to start.

  • @Galantir

    Are you sure about this ? it was a while ago now but the reason I stopped using Windows Phone was because how annoying NFC was in that OS.

    To use a tag for anything you had to already be logged into the phone, then it would prompt you with a message that says something along the lines of "a NFC tag is opening this app allow" and you had to click YES or NO.

    which really defeated the whole purpose of NFC.

    If that is no longer the case, then that is great news for Windows Phone users.


  • Launchit writes something like: "launcher:FRFLY@actiontype=TaskUri&TaskUriData=ms-settings-camera" to the tag and has their application handle the launch.
    Now at first you will get the acceptation question, but after two or three times it will ask you if you trust the app and you can add it to your trusted apps.
    This will make it bypass the lock screen and start the application.
    I can 100% confirm that this approach works on a lumnia 930.

    Now i was thinking of adding that to a custom app and just not have it start the requested app but instead close itself.
    In theory this should work, basically turning it into an unlock app.

  • @jasok2
    In Windows 10 for Phones there is an option in the NFC screen to set NFC to always be available even if the phone is locked and screen off.

  • @James-Meek This must be a new feature, good to hear. Does this remove the annoying yes / no prompt for every NFC action ?

  • I am not sure because of I never used window phone.