Windows Logon, your input welcome!

  • NFC Ring Team

    I have put together a pad with an update I'd like to send out to our backers.

    Basically I want people thoughts/opinions on my plan to introduce a Windows Logon NFC App..

  • This is a great idea, I would support it. the matching NFC reader is a great idea, a small one that is like a USB stick for laptops and tablets like the surface and maybe a larger one for desktops ?? just a though.

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    Thanks for sharing your idea and keeping the community in the loop. I've added a few remarks in the doc.
    I suggest posting such an update after all the rings are delivered, as posting it earlier might give some backers a false impression of what you guys are doing,

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    "NFC Sesame", dude. That's what it needs to be called. And +1 on the entire concept. It needs to happen.

  • Great idea! Can't wait! And I like @Lokki 's idea for a name ;-)

  • +1

  • Love the idea, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an NFC reader that I can practically use with my Surface Pro. If suitable hardware turns up, I would happily back this.

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    Love it- I already wrote a bunch of suggestions and things in there!

  • @GeronP said:

    Love the idea, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an NFC reader that I can practically use with my Surface Pro. If suitable hardware turns up, I would happily back this.

    Yeah it really annoyed me that Microsoft didn't include NFC, there is even a Damn NFC receiver built into the wireless chip-set but they intentionally disabled it.

    I hope that they do better next time round :(

    The only option is a very small USB nfc dongle, however I have yet to see one small enough that you could leave it plugged in permanently, Alternatively maybe one could be added if it were small enough to fit inside a micro SD card.

    like this

  • Hi,
    I'd pledge for that, but to be honest if you let me know what usb nfc dongles you'd like to try out, I can have a go at writing the software myself (happily give it away / open source it under any license). I'll buy a few dongles to try out and I also have some nfc arduino bits already.
    I've been a .Net dev for like 12 years now? and just getting back into cross-platform C++ (if you wanted to try for OSX / linux support).
    Also $60 an hour is a good contract rate for your dev. That is the cost of having someone do it as a job instead of a hobby I guess.

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    arc122 is one of the common ones that are readily available, and works well with all the rings.

  • @Lokki
    Cheers. Do you know if any retail stores here in australia stock it? I'm moving countries soon and don't have time to wait for it to ship internationally. Otherwise i'll pick up this project again in a few weeks.

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    I got my current one off ebay, shipped express and received in 2 working days - haven't seen them in stores though.

  • @Lokki
    Done and done. Hopefully they actually ship it when they say they'll ship it. heh.

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    Hopefully yeah! Ordered mine just before NYE and received it yesterday. Pretty impressive really, for AusPost.

  • @Lokki
    does their software attempt to hook into windows login stuff at all? Worst case the ACS API looks okay and we can make a credential provider and register that in windows.

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    The software I'm testing at the moment is an enterprise product that hooks into the existing windows login.
    It's a little clunky, difficult to set up and is definitely not aimed at the casual consumer. I'm also having a few other issues that I might talk about later.

  • I just got home and found my arc122 waiting for me. i'm basically bedridden for a week so it'll give me a chance to start tinkering away with it. got any advice or suggestions where to get started with it? Might just save me a bit of time. Otherwise i'll see how i get on with making it lock / unlock windows.

  • Okay. So I've just spent some time to create a custom credential provider for windows 7, 8, 10 etc and I have code that talks to my ARC122U reader (all in C++).
    Security... If i do it based on the ID, copying the NFC ring would allow someone else to access the machine.
    If i store a certificate on the ring (I should be able to fit one), then I'd need to create a C# UI that streamlines the registration / certificate creation process (if possible, i havent actually tried this yet).
    My question is, how secure is this expected to be?

    my vm's lockscreen...

  • NFC Ring Team

    @maz_net_au oh wow that is amazing!!

    If you peep the campaign preview we kinda talk about security. Basically storing anything on the NDEF record should be an optional step that if people want to do, they can.. Source:

    It sounds like you are developing this thing for real.. Did you want to do this, like, for real? We had a dev lined up but if you are up for it we'd be happy to chat with you if you are doing this as an itch to scratch anyway :)

    Can't hurt to be paid to make what you want right?