Single order multi vouchers, fail

  • Now that the codes are valid in the store, I find that I can apply a single code to a multi-ring order but not multiple codes. Are you (indirectly) telling me that you need me to order each voucher using order individually for mega postage?

  • I note also that when adding a voucher code, my options for shipping remove speedy. Originally I'd thought that was due to the pre-order items, it appears not.

  • I've confirmed that if I have a single ring in my basket, pre-order or otherwise, I can apply the single code(s).

  • Community Helper

    The store acts wired... I couldn't checkout with my voucher for a while. then it worked.

    Is there any chance we can bundle shipments of vouchers and KS rings? We could all save some money...

  • Community Helper

  • Community Helper

    Over on IRC, it was said that shopify has an limitation to how many codes you can type in (one code to be exact, per purchase). Repackageing single rings into one bit shipment seemed to be too time-consuming aswell to be ideal, for the fullfilment guys.

  • NFC Ring Team

    @Engarde Yea this is the case.

    @Lafunamor IF we use Shopify for KS orders then in theory you could use the voucher but I can't say for sure as it's a shifting target.

    Each order hits us individually so is processed individually. If we made changes to the store to support these multiple voucher claims it would break other functionality and we couldn't justify that. So while it sucks paying multiple P&P it's a necessary evil to claim free rings.

  • Ordered them individually.

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