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  • Not seen this before but having read the half dozen messages on the forum over the weekend, and going away for a few hours, I found that I could still see my profile details, but reading the unread pages prompted for login. Login reports login forbidden.

    Instead going to an existing post, where reply needs 'login to reply' succeeds...

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    @johnyma22 - it's not doing this for me, @Engarde - it's stopped happening now?

  • One time only, but was repeatable from my chrome session until I used the login to reply option, so I thought I should mention it.

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    For some reason I sometimes have issues with the session cookie too. But I can't actually repeat it and therefore I couldn't report it (yet).
    Please keep us informed if you have the issue again.

  • I thought it was particularly interesting that the in topic 'login to reply' option behaved correctly but the main forum login did not. Presuambly they hit a different URI point and that is the source of the oddity.

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    Actually I think it's a problem introduced with caching. most of the site is loading over javascript and as soon as I reload the complete page it works again.

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