NFC reader/writer for windows

  • A lot on here about what people store on their rings, but not a lot on what they use to do so. Android devices are easy since NFC is built in to most phones and tablets these days, but what about from a Windows PC?

    Ive seen the Asus NFC express mentioned, but im looking for something small and portable, preferably in a USB stick format. Found a few on Amazon, does anyone have any experience with these? What do others use?



    Omnikey 6321



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    Does ACS ACR122T or Identive SCM SCL3711 actually provide Windows Login functionality?

    HID OMNIKEY 6321 USB Reader looks great, good find!

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    I didn't manage to get windows login with the ACS ACR122T. There is no software shipped with it that would provide this functionality. But I have to admit, I haven't had time to try to program one myself.
    It works good though.

  • The ACS one seems easier to buy than the HID, since Amazon wont send one to me in Australia!

    Im not really interested in using it for Windows logon, theres plenty of software that will do that. Lafunamor, does it allow your NFC Ring to present as a smartcard?
    I plan to store a certificate on a 2016 ring once they're available. A self signed Windows certificate for bitlocker is 778 bytes so am hoping it will treat the ring as a smartcard.

  • There are a number of specials across Windows (and other OSes) in terms of smartcard logon. It is possible for example that someone could create a minidriver for nfc such that the ring could be detected and its contents used or via a 'GIna' however the 1st step in normal smartcard use is the ATR handshake which is not something you will have as things currently stand with the nfc ring and out of the box windows.

  • Why would the tag on the ring be treated any differently to the tag on a smartcard?

    I only know the basics about smartcards and NFC so am genuinely trying to work out if its possible to do what i want to do,
    I have no doubt that I can store a certificate on a 2016 ring, there is space. But whether it will be treated as a smartcard as far as windows is concerned, i dont know.

  • Smartcard is detected in/near the reader and sent a challenge response, the ATR. If the system recognises the card further processing can continue, other not.

    For some contactless readers they can cruft up a pseudo atr , which could be the case/use here.

    So it's more getting to the tag is different that what actually happens when the tag is being read.

    I've limited usage of bitlocker but if you explicitly want to that to see your ring as a card, someone somewhere is going to have to write the shim/driver that presents the ring as a smartcard or maybe you will find a contactless reader which allows that to be side stepped - but I'd consider it a non-trivial task.

  • Might be useful as the store for the recovery key though, assuming you save it to file and move it to the ring and the opposite when you need to do the recovery..

  • Seems a bit of a waste of ring functionality to just store recovery keys that would hopefully never be used.

    But, i guess a minidriver to use it as a smartcard might be a good suggestion for a future piece of software.

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    I tried the Omnikey 6321 and failed to get it working.

    I spoke to Omnikey and got this response:

    Do you own an HID OMNIKEY reader (model 6321?) and you want to perform a smart card logon using this reader?
    If so, then you should refer to the Microsoft documentation and webpages describing how to set up and perform a smart card logon. Setting up smart card logon is outside HID Global's scope.
    HID Global provide support on the OMNIKEY reader, but the Windows smart card logon can be done with any type of reader and is independent of that type of reader.

    Which is fine, basically deflect the issue back to Microsoft, so good luck.

    The TLDR is that the NTAG216 IC doesn't is shown as "Unknown Smart Card" in Windows which makes me think this is a none starter.. However, I also tried various other cards nearly all of which respond as unknown EXCEPT The Desfire EV1 which shows as some random unknown card..

    So I think it's probably too early to trust Microsoft with this functionality and you might want to abstract in the same way ASUS does...

    I will forward this thread on to Omnikey and see if they want to be pro-active in providing a solution for us or if they aren't that interested in supporting Windows Logon with their devices. If they aren't interested in supporting it, perhaps they should remove it from their product listing?

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    I went back to them and got this response:

    Hi John,
    For the logon, you need a software which connects your NTAG credential into Windows Logon.
    Maybe the RFID Suite from ISLog does.
    It's the same approach as using MIFARE classic cards or other memory cards for logon.
    Only PKI cards with a Mini-driver are natively supported by Windows for logon.
    At least this is a third party application you need to use for it.

    I don't have time to lead on this now so if anyone else can pick up where I have left off I'd appreciate that! :)

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    Hey guys just an update on this, I have been working w/ a third party to put together a solution for us. The experience w/ ACR122 & other readers is exceptional. This will take months to materialize so please be patient :) The third party afaik don't offer a consumer usage license yet so that's what I'm going to try to negotiate for NFC Ring Owners.

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    I'm in for any field tests ;-)
    Please keep us in the loop.
    I really like my Arduino solution and it will be even better with the Keyduino but I'd love a solution for my laptop

  • @johnyma22 I have an ACR1252U - happy to get involved with any testing. I have two 2016 rings.

  • hi
    i am not familiar with nfc.

    how could i add nfc function to a rfid reader ?

    i want to add nfc function to this **UHF RFID Module RS232 Reader Module **

    how could i do ?

  • @Kingbob Well, maybe you can take a look Syncotek smart card reader writer, some items suit for Android phones and tablets, and some for Windows, hope this helps!

  • Despite starting the thread i havent check back for ages. Was about to finally look buying a reader/write, and was thinking the HID because of the reputable brand name, lucky i did!
    Might look at getting one of the ACR's instead.

    But am looking forward to seeing what solution you come up with !

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    The ACR units are cheap and readily available, but I must say I am very impressed with the performance of the HID units, especially the omnikey 6321. If I had a choice I'd get that one every time.

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