Deleted thread about 2016 ring?

  • I asked some questions on the thread that was discussing the 2016 rings, but now the thread has been deleted?? I was fairly sure it was a useful thread in its own right, and my late questions surely weren't an issue, no?

    1. Where can we use the vouchers? It seems obvious not on the kickstarter page itself.
    2. What happens to the vouchers if the second kickstarter effort fails to reach goal?

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    I can't see any deleted posts from you @gth - there is a post you did 7 days ago in the other thread if that's what you mean?

    @Memnoch said:

    @gth said:

    Got my voucher - cheers.

    Some links send me to the store -- but the store doesn't have the new rings, and no mention of voucher, and doesn't recognise my login (which works fine here... I thought we moved to single sign on a while back?).

    Some links send me to kickstarter - especially the link that redirects to , but none of the wording there implies anything about the voucher. It seems like rather mixed messages. If the (second) kickstarter fails to reach it's target are the vouchers still valid?

    (PS: I still find this forum's visual style to be horribly unreadable & unintuitive)

    From the email:

    The 2016 Rings wont be available until they go live on the store, but you will get an email before anyone else when this happens.


  • We do not delete threads on here, unless they are obvious spammers/scammers. I've not deleting anything lately, that's for sure.

    1. Info was in the email. You'll be able to use them on the main EU store ( - and we'll have those set up and live for you guys very soon. We'll be pinging an email out to you all letting you know when these are active.
    2. We've hit the goal now! Kaboom! Let's keep pushing to try hit a stretch goal or two before the campaign is out!

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    Just to second what Chris says..

  • Hrm, perhaps the earlier submission never completed at my end.

    Appreciate there's going to be an email about when the voucher will be able to be used. Could have sworn one of the earlier emails had a store link though - something like or similar?

    Will wait for the email.

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    1. On the EU Store - once they go live
    2. The second KS reached it's goal :)

  • @johnyma22 can you please post the link to the second KS, I still want to back the project

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    It finished already :) Finished 5 or so days ago. We emailed out about it!

  • On no! :-(
    well, Just as long as you reached your goal and surpassed it; I'll just have to wait till you go live on the store.