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  • I was wondering if there is an eta on when we can expect rings for backing on Kickstarter. I've seen people posting on Kickstarter in the US about receiving theirs so I was curious about whether there was still orders being shipped or if I should be concerned. Odum, Ga

  • I doubt you have anything to worry about. I received mine this past Saturday. You should receive an email when yours is getting ready to ship. I think it took about a week after I got that email before it showed up.
    Every kickstarter I have backed so far has taken at least a month, usually more, to get rewards shipped to all backers.

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    Hello jcjoker2008 and welcome to the forum!

    John and the team are sending rings out every week. they get weekly shipments from the factory and send them out to US and non US Kickstarter backers.
    You will receive a email when your ring is shipped

    please keep in mind that the carbon fiber rings and transparent rings will be the last produced.

  • Knowing there will be an email sent out I have faith in such a well run Kickstarter project and trust everything will go smoothly.