Perhaps the "key" to a universal door lock.

  • Been working on door lock and wanted to fulfill the same requirements as other people, Be able to use ring, add to existing lock without modification, inexpensive. The lockitron was of interest except for lack of NFC and it's expense. What i was having trouble deciding on is a servo to tun lock and how to determine the lock's position at eacj use. Then I found what might be perfect to fit our use and any custom alterations someone would want to add. @johnyma22 @Lokki Take a look at this: Lockitron Mechanical Assembly

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    That's pretty cool, man. Looks like you'd be able to hack yourself a very workable NFC based unit from that.

  • The only issue I can think of would be antenna placement. To work it so there was no manipulation of the door's hardware, then a wireless solution like xbee would be needed. Or else i could seerunning the antenna through the hole where the deadbolt cylinder runs through the door. I was trying to pair this up with MrStein's board.