A new ring?

  • Hello Guys

    I want to buy myself a nfc ring. I maybe will buy the Signature. But I saw the Stealh bomber ring with a nicer looking. But I cant buy it here... Or he has been removed?

    Before I my the ring I want to know if there only the 3 desings out there.... And will be there a better model in the near future? I dont want that I buy a ring for 42€ and than next week is a better and cooler model outthere for the same price...

    And I dont understand the size of the rings :/ I need a ring with a diameter of 20.1mm. So which size I need?

    And sorry for my bad english. If you have any questions what I mean, simple ask it ;D

  • Community Helper

    Hi @Wojtek
    All current rings are available in the store. The stealth bomber was not feasible and was never sold. Currently they research how to make a ring that looks likes the stealth bomber and actually works but as far as I know there is no new release planned in the near future.
    @johnyma22 can correct me if I'm wrong.

    I suggest to get read through this page for the sizing.

    I hope I could help ;-)

  • Hey @johnyma22

    Im a student and low at cash. But Ive love to buy a ring :3
    But I would hate myself when in the nearly future a new cool ring is coming out. So Ive like to know if I can buy the ring now or I should wait and buy the new cooler one ^^

  • NFC Ring Team

    Buy one now, these things move VERY slow!

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