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    I've been using my Alpha ring for ~9 months now to unlock my phone and all. Lately, I have found that it took longer to unlock. This morning, it stopped working. At first, I thought it was a misbehavior with software or my phone's NFC is acting weird. However, when I assigned the unlocking part to the other side of the Alpha, it worked flawlessly and very quickly too. I used the provided NFC Ring Control app and it was unable to read it at all.

    I know there's a read and write cycle limit, but could the daily use of the ring make it less sensitive and over time stops working (because of this read cycle limit)?

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    Hi @Raymond

    Yeah nah, that really shouldn't be the case. I guess it could be possible if you are 'power tapping' that one inlay into the back of the phone all the time but there shouldn't be random degradation of the inlay. Working should simply be working.
    It could conceivably be that the inlay has become loose or damaged but again, that should mean it stops working entirely.
    Keep an eye on it, and if you can then try to continue using it - if it does fail then you should contact support@nfcring.com and let them know that you're having issues.

    Some of the very early ones that I played with detached one side of the IC from the inlay and worked only when actually pushed against a device which brought the IC back into proper contact with the antenna - check that this isn't what's happening to you.

  • Hi @Lokki

    I tried your suggestion and it didn't work. I'll contact support about it.


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    No problem. Point support at this thread if you need to give them more info.

  • Email submitted with link to this thread.
    Thanks ;)

  • Great, after I submitted the email to support, the "defective" side of the ring starts working again. It refused to work last night and this morning at home. I'll keep a close eye on it

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    Heh @Raymond that sucks, keep us posted with how you get on.

  • Well, it's been 2 months now. One of the 2 tags on that Alpha ring has stopped functioning completely. I was provided with the option of either replacing it or purchasing another alpha ring at a discounted price. I chose the latter option and that one worked really well.

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    Glad you got a working ring again!