iWatch - Wearable tech - power

  • The release of the iWatch has me thinking.

    • Who really wants yet another device that you have to charge up every night.
    • Many of its functions require an iPhone in proximity.
    • it seems to be technology for technologies sake.
    • The Power tech is still too far behind.

    Although the NFC ring has a limited function the fact that its more benign makes it a good wearable tech. I believe one day in the future tech like NFC ring or implants will be able to store large amounts of data. Like a USB stick today. still with no charging requirements.

    until someone brings out a power technology that smashes current lithium tech, wearable tech will only be great if its battery free such as our beloved NFC rings.

    Whilst I'm sure Apple will make a lot of money from the iWatch, I believe for that tech to be awesome the battery needs to last at least a month.

    Just my 2c worth on wearable tech :)

  • Yea, it's crazy isn't it :/ Maybe in a few more years time battery tech would have moved on enough to make these sorts of devices viable for day to day use. But until then, they are just a bit gimmicky in my opinion. Still, there always has to be an early version of a product for it to get better. An don't forget about the geeky new-tech factor involved. Loads of people will buy these and Apple will make lots more money.

    From their perspective, they had to get involved sooner or later. Gotta jump on that gravy train before it leaves the station! lol

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    I just have to protest here, you see- the watch thing did not come from apple, and they should not get any recognition for that- It's not even released yet.

    The first watch that got this trend rolling is the crowed founded Pebble, which is using an e-ink display that does not use a ton of battery to power the screen. So reasonably, Pebble can hold a charge for much longer then it's competitors.

    And then there is the other generation of watches, which has been out and about for a better of 2 or so years now, we're starting to see new generations of clocks from hardware manufactures such as Sony and Samsung (and they will be able to work with other phone OS' soon enough, they are 'working on it' ).

    Apple might be able to help to push the idea to the average people, but they really wouldn't need to be involved to get the average peoples interests, it's already there- and that is what Apple is afraid of, that they are "missing the train"- they are just jumping on it and rushing out a product which people will probably buy without even considering the others.

  • @Andreas. Yes I know apple are not always first. Bill Gates was pushing tablet computers about a decade before the iPad. And I almost got on the Pebble bandwagon. The reason apple are worthy of mention is because they are exceptionally good at taking an idea and making it mainstream.

    I personally dislike apple stuff, but seriously the PC industry moves very slow and some times needs a kick up the butt. If it wasn't for apple we would still have beige box towers for our computers. Apple does deliver that much needed kick up the butt.