NFC ring vs magnets

  • So i was working on a project that involved using these little guys
    Without even thinking about it i palmed one with my ring hand and the magnet attached itself to my ring. My first thought was "Titanium isn't ferrous" my second though was "Oh shit!"
    I've checked that ring tag with every phone i could get my hands on and have confirmed its dead now.

    Allow me to serve as a warning to others: these tags appear to be rather sensitive to magnets so make sure you take them off if you are working with any.

  • Community Helper

    That would be the absorber material layer behind the passive inlay, dude. I've noticed the same thing myself, though I've never caused a ring to stop working that way.
    @johnyma22, would be interested to get your take on what may have happened here to kill the inlay that way.

  • NFC Ring Team

    I'm not convinced the magnets caused harm here.

    Magnets shouldn't damage an NFC IC. See for a product which is a magnet and an NFC Tag.

    @confidence was the ring working before that?

    Still.. If you are working with magnets you should remove any ring.

  • Just wondering out loud,

    @johnyma22 could it be possible that the magnets @confidence was playing with was so strong that it caused something to move, so whilst not directly breaking the NFC chip it was indirect. I am just remembering that a glue issue caused failure a while back maybe the magnet was so powerful it caused the glue to break and something to move.

    anyway I don't know enough about the construction to be authoritative here... like I said, just thinking out loud.

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