Future Products.

  • If you have an idea or want to support someone else's idea for future products put them in this thread, If there is enough interest in certain ideas, perhaps we will get @johnyma22's attention and they might get made.

    My ideas.

    • Option of matte finish instead of just shiny.
    • Option of different type of NFC chip in one side of the ring. (more door lock compatibility, Has been mentioned elsewhere in this forum)
    • Custom design (for a substantially more expensive price of course)

  • NFC Ring Team

    • RE Matte finish, can't you just matte the current ring down?
    • RE Different NFC Chip. The EV1 Mifare requires more power ergo doesn't have as good read performance. EV2 should solve that.
    • RE Custom design,. Yea that's on our roadmap =)

  • @johnyma22 said:

    • RE Matte finish, can't you just matte the current ring down?

    Awesome, I was worried that the inlay coating would be too easily damaged. Is this something we can do ourselves with a bit of that special sand paper, or would you recommend taking it to a jeweler ?

  • NFC Ring Team

    I'm not sure, @Lokki has probably tried it and might have a suggestion :)

  • Community Helper

    Normal wear will leave you with more of a 'brushed' finish to the titanium rings, @jasok2. There's no real need to DIY it, or provide it from new!
    This is more pronounced with the PVD rings, and is part of the reason why they were dropped - it looks pretty bad after a few months of road-testing a QA visual fail.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Yea its hard to explain that to people.. We dropped the PVD because after X months they look crap! Sometimes you gotta make a hard short term decision knowing long term people will find it right! I noticed all of the fake copies of the NFC Ring are dropping PVD too :P

  • Community Helper

    That's interesting that the copies have dropped PVD also, I haven't been paying attention lately. I'll take a photo of the stealth bomber later-ish just to show what happens. Scratches coming through 'silver, the edges of the ring have worn all the black off and the inlays are more than a little 'matte' now.
    I've got pictures on my desktop a few hundred km's away for comparison of the titanium rings before and after wear, but I can't get to them at the moment.

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