Uber Device Lock Compatibility Issue with NFC Ring Unlock App

  • I am having problems with the NFC Ring Unlock app interfering with the Uber Device Lock program i purchased prior to my NFC rings arriving, so i could play around with some NFC tags and some yubikey Neo's i purchased. I understand that the NFC Ring lock app is based on Uber device lock and that is very apparent in their design and layout. Unfortunately as i have both applications installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 they both interfere with each other. I have the NFC Ring App disabled yet it is sometimes triggered by the events that trigger the Uber device app. Also i have had the pin number wiped in one program, nfc tags getting disabled, which are not active in the other and other strange settings changing randomly. I know I am probably the only person who has purchase Uber device app who has the NFC ring unlock program as well,

    Ideally i would like to run both apps on the same phone triggering for different events, i.e. use the NFC ring app to unlock my phone routinely but if it is triggered say 5 times with an incorrect nfc tag or pin etc.. then the uber device lock app would then be activated where i could then use a Yubikey with it's OTP to open the phone up after a correct nfc opens the previous layer.

    Also I have the Uber App Lock, is it possible to use the same tag with both programs as they store different text when registering the ring with each of them.


  • Community Helper

    this is a very specific question so I'm not able to answer it.
    But I'm sure @johnyma22 can

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey Phil, yeah we don't support both apps installed at the same time..

    Do you only use the Uber App for use with the Yubikey? If so, can't use you use the Yubikey in NFC Ring Unlock?