Turn off device's NFC sound

  • Hi there.

    My NFC ring arrived yesterday and everything seems fine. It fits (yay!) and it works with my Xperia Z Ultra.

    However, each time I unlock the screen with the ring, the phone produces a short sound, probably to alert that some NFC device has been accepted.

    This is really annoying, specially if I want to acess the phone to disable the sound (eg, I'm already in a conference or cinema and just realized that the phone is not on mute).

    Is there a way to disable the NFC alert sound? I understand this is not specific to the ring, but probably to most Android phones.

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    as far as I know this is a sound that Android itself produces and therefore not disable able. But I could be wrong...

  • Thanks. Yes, probably it is some Android sound. But I can't find a way to mute it without muting all the sounds. Perhaps this could be added to the NFC Ring App: disable the sound and the vibration.

  • there are a couple of ways, both can be a bit tricky. the first edit the NFC.apk sound file, the other if your phone is rooted install the Xposed framework app and the NFC lockscreenoff enabler module. If you go to the XDA developers web site and have a look in the forums relating to your phone, you should be able to find some guides on how to do both.
    A word of warning though, I tried to edit the NFC.apk file and forgot to back it up, then the changed file wouldn't work so I lost all NFC function and had to do a factory reset to get it back.
    I now have a rooted phone and the Xposed app running which I personally think is the better way round to do it. Though rooting your phone also carries a lot of risk.

  • I have Trigger: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jwsoft.nfcactionlauncher installed..it has an options to turn off NFC sound, but I've never used that option.

  • If you are rooted, you can install xposed framework for your phone and after that install a module called NFC lockscreenoff (or something like that). It has an option to disable all annoying NFC sounds.

  • I have done this on an Android Lollipop (5.0) device. There is no Xposed for 5.0 yet, so the options for disabling the sound are limited. I did it by editing the NFC apk. There are pitfalls to this method; here is how I did it. It requires root, a working adb setup, and some familiarity with the commandline.

    Some warnings:

    1 - it's really easy to screw up your phone and make it unbootable by doing this stuff. it's at your own risk.

    2 - having nfc enabled with sounds is a security risk. don't do it unless you understand the disks.


    1 - Take a full nandroid backup of the phone in case I screw up and and ruin it.

    2 - On my computer, "adb pull /system/app/NfcNci/NfcNci.apk".

    3 - unzip the apk file on my computer and replace the .ogg files inside it with a .ogg file of silence. Mine is https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vechle3xf4re1w/silent.ogg

    4 - re-pack the apk file with zip. Note that the .ogg files within it have to be "stored" rather than "zipped" (ie uncompressed) otherwise the app won't work. I just made the whole file uncompressed (with "zip -0") - the increase in size is only about 500k anyway.

    5 - adb push the new file on to the phone. It can't be pushed straight in to /system/app - so push it to the sdcard ("/storage/emulated/0/" or whatever)

    6 - adb shell and su. As root, "mount -o remount,rw /storage)", copy the file that just got pushed over from the sdcard over the top of the existing /system/app/NfcNci/NfcNci.apk. Remove the odex for it in /system/app/NfcNci/

    7 - reboot the phone.