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    I'm going to be trying the same @jasok2

  • Getting hold of the antenna seems to be an issue. Iv contacted a few of the re sellers and they want to know what bulk quantity I will be buying for. Or they don't have any stock.

    @Lokki, @johnyma22 have you gents fared any better ?

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    Yea I have some antennas on route to me, not had them land yet though, hopefully get them next week :) Just gotta be super nice and offer to pay for samples etc.

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    Yeah, very difficult for us little guys, @jasok2.

  • Is this one from Seeeduino one that will work? http://goo.gl/L6M3yi

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    Dude, that's a good find. Cheap and should work. Someone will have to be the guinea pig.

  • @johnyma22 if you have some better result than my board, can you please provide me the antenna size (approx) ?

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    @MrStein Of course but your board performance is 10/10 perfect. I can't imagine I will get a stronger performance other than from the nano board which is a little more isolated from other noisy components!

    Also once I test them you are very welcome to have them, I will send them through!

  • @LoganFive said:

    Is this one from Seeeduino one that will work? http://goo.gl/L6M3yi

    I'm assuming we can just unscrew the antenna cable and solder onto the two points on the other side ??

    Or cut the cable and solder the wires in the cable onto the board ??

    Cheers Jason

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    Cut and strip is probably the easiest option, @jasok2. Just, with RG174 or smaller do not kink the cable, not even slightly. It's very sensitive to that.

  • @Lokki

    Well I just ordered 5 aerials, 5-15 days wait on delivery :(

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    Good stuff man, I'll be interested to see how you go!

  • Update - so these arrived link text

    Unfortunately I could not get the Solder to stick to the metal spots. I dont recommend these, unless you are way better at soldering than I am, which actually may not be difficult.

    Still waiting on these ones link text

    I think these will be a lot easier to work with.

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    It's a shame you're so far away mate, otherwise I'd offer a remedial soldering class... bad soldering makes Lokki cry.

    You probably need some solder flux, it's available reasonably cheap at electronics stores in syringe form.
    Use it by smearing some where you're going to solder, tin that area, tin the wire and then solder the two together.
    High heat, short application is my favourite method.
    Another suggestion, ignore the 'health politics' and use a 'standard' lead/tin solder. The new lead free solders require more heat, are trickier to get right and the joints even if they are perfect do not last as there tends to be whisker formation rather quickly.
    The shift towards lead free solder is more P.C. and Corporate driven than anything else in my view. It makes the perpetually Green ones happy, and makes sure that you have to replace your electronics more regularly without actually providing much tangible benefit.

  • @Lokki Found a box on my desk this morning, which contains the second type of aerials with the wires attached. hopefully will get time to test them out this week :)

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    Nice, looking forward to hearing how you go!

  • @Lokki

    ok so well it works but only just, with the Alpha Ring I can get it to read every now and then, with the classic I only got it to work once. The Alpha is certainly much more readable thanks for sending that through to test with. With the yellow NFC tag it was 100%, so again its just an aerial issue.

    may have to try your method above with the previous aerial.

    pic attached.

    link text

    EDIT - Just working with what I have I tried the other aerial again, It really just wont stick. I have lead/Tin solder and I roughed it up before hand.. I reckon I just have to find a better aerial. Good thing they are pretty cheap.

    EDIT EDIT - Got it to stick, I can confirm that the taoglas FXR.07.A aerial doesn't work with any of the NFC ring tech, not even the inlay. Will try the smaller taoglas one next.

    Edit Edit Edit - the little taoglas aerial didn't work either. looks like the one from seed studios is the best bet, but need to see if they have other sizes.

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    @jasok2 yeah no worries, I was curious to know how it would go!
    that antenna you're showing in the picture does still seem rather large by comparison to the rings still! Matching would still be poor, though nowhere near as poor as the original antenna.
    Will be interested to hear how the smaller antenna works!

  • @Lokki

    ok I can now also confirm that the taoglas FXR.05.A part 1246 also does not recognize any of the NFC ring tech.

    in all cases of my testing I had the yellow tag to act as a test that I actually soldered it on correctly, and in all cases the yellow tag worked.

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    That's a shame, @jasok2. Were both the taoglas units the round style?