Rings received, but colours (& possibly sizes) are confusing/incorrect

  • I had a few issues with delayed delivery (one of the last batches to ship and the initial shipment went missing - it was reshipped and did arrive).

    I received 4 rings:

    1. large (not sure of the exact size, It fits loosely on my right index finger), black (public), transparent (private)

    2. One smaller (snug fit on my right ring finger), black on black

    3. One smaller still, brown wood grain public, transparent private

    4. A similarly small black (stealth?) ring, all black

    What I actually ordered was:

    Normal Size Ring with Titanium Normal Color Metal. Your inlay choices are White and Black Carbon Fiber and the Ring Size is US Size: 9.
    Alpha Size Ring with Titanium Normal Color Metal. Your inlay choices are White and Silver Carbon Fiber and the Ring Size is US Size: 7.

    I know there were issues with both carbon fiber and alpha rings. I'm not entirely clear on what the final conclusions for both those issues were and what further steps (if any) I should expect? (vouchers for alpha rings? vouchers for carbon fiber rings? any idea when to expect those vouchers or rings?)

    Is there anything I could/should do about the existing rings as they're not what I ordered (there doesn't seem to be any equivalent of the white+silver ring - I guess the all black and wood grain+clear are of the right size (just guessing) but not even vaguely the desired colour (I thought the silver carbon fiber would be substituted for white or silver lacquer?))

    The black+black is a bit tricky, since I can't tell which side is public or private, visually - I didn't think they'd substitute black carbon fiber for black, if the other side was black. And it's a bit more snug than I was expecting, but it's nearest to the size I requested.


    1. colours don't match for the smaller ring I ordered
    2. colours exchange due to lack of carbon fiber make it hard to tell which side is public/private
    3. ring is a bit more snug than the size I ordered, I believe
    4. when/how to expect alpha ring I ordered
    5. when/how to expect carbon fiber rings that I ordered

    Thanks for your time,

    • David

  • Community Helper

    You might want to check out the cheap ring sizer from this thread.
    That will help you understand where sizing has gone wrong.

    What will have happened is that as your rings were CF, they were impossible to produce.
    It sounds like this problem may have been compounded by the factory not producing the replacement rings correctly (either size or colours/style) and thus the nearest substitute has been sent. Anything extra will be a QA Visual Fail ring sent because your order was late/altered.

    So, check the ring sizes, get your fingers re measured, then decide whether you need to contact support@nfcring.com about a return for a different size.

  • @johnyma22 you know I'm a big supporter, so please don't take this the wrong way, but I think you may have a issues with incorrect sizing, this is the third wrong size issue iv seen reported on this forum. the rule of thumb is that for every issue or complaint there are usually 10 more that go unheard.

    With my support case I took the ring back to a jeweller as you requested, and it was the wrong size compared to what I ordered. I sent it back to you almost a month ago and have heard nothing back from support, the last three emails iv sent have not been answered. I realise you guys are busy but obviously sending out the wrong size is just making you even more busy dealing with returns.

    Could it be the factory are mixing up the sizes before they ship to you ?

    I even purchased this off ebay to confirm that the original rings I got from kickstarter were in fact the correct size. And its only the one I ordered since that was shipped as the wrong size.

    link text