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  • Guys,
    Since most of the digital door locks work with Mifare, why limit ourself to accept those unwilling options?
    Spoke to John before and I was told that if there are enough people desperate for a mifare ring, they will consider that.
    Are you one of them? Please vote!

  • NFC Ring Team

    @escher +1 also see recent forum post RE EV2

    The disadvantage of Mifare is that it requires stronger inductive coupling which = more power which = less read performance on phones.

    We're working on solving this but the more votes here will push us closer to launching an actual product!

  • Community Helper

    +1 for variety ;-)

  • @johnyma22

    how about Mifare on one side of the ring only ???

    obviously you would need the inlay covers to be different so you knew which was which.

  • NFC Ring Team

    @jasok2 that might work :)

  • @johnyma22 Iv given this a bit more thought

    lets say you take the Signature Ring, most people would wear black on top (more visible) and clear on on the inside of your hand (less visible)

    when I use my NFC door lock, I usually present the top side of the ring with a fist type action to the door reader and when handling the phone its usually the inside of my hand that touches the phone sweet spot.

    so I believe the best combination would be Mifare under the black and the current tag under the clear side.


  • +1 for variety ;)

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