Unlock app locks screen on incoming call

  • I have the Unlock app to 'Do not disable on incoming'. However, it does this even if the phone is already unlocked.
    For my use case I do not want the screen to lock on incoming call if, and only if, it is already unlocked. Is this possible?
    I have tried searching but to no avail.
    Steps to reproduce:
    Set app to not unlock on incoming call.
    Unlock screen.
    Get incoming call while screen is unlocked.

    Expected: screen remains unlocked to accept call.
    Observed: screen is locked, requiring another unlock to accept call.

  • Community Helper

    Please make sure you use the latest version of the app as this might me fixed.
    Also they made a lot of improvements towards better describing the option. On my version I get 3 options:

    • Disable on ring
    • Disable for a time on phone ring
    • Do not disable on phone ring.

    It seems like if you update the app you should have the one you want.

    Hope this helps

  • I am using version 1.6.2 which seems to be the newest available in Play. The option I have selected is 'Do not disable on phone ring' which is what I need to ensure adequate security. Unfortunately it is being quite literal in its interpretation of that. If I have already unlocked the screen I do not need it relocked on an incoming call, but if the screen is locked I do not want it unlocked (as this would mitigate any security provided).
    Is there a feature request tracker? I think what I require may be new functionality.

  • Community Helper

    I suspect that this is what the app will do to everyone, but might be the only way to implement the behaviour you want. Please note that you may not be able to hang up in the other person when you have this set.


  • Everyone, I to have had intermittent issues exactly like this since the upgrade.

    uninstalling the app, reboot phone and re install the app seems to improve things for a while.

    I figure this will no longer be developed, and I'm hanging out for Android Lollipop, since I have a nexus 5 the wait wont be too long.