My ring stop working

  • Hello,

    I do have an issue with my ring. It worked fine until one day the transparent NFC part stop working whereas the black NFC part is working fine.

    Any idea about this? I would appreciate if someone could tell me what I should do.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Best regards,

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    Can you please answer the following questions:

    • where did you get your ring from?
    • what devices do you use to scan your ring?
    • did you try to read it on some other device since it's not working anymore?


  • Thank you for your reply. Responses:

    • I obtain my ring as a Kickstarter supporter.
    • I use usually use Sony Xperia Z and Nexus 7.
    • Apart from the mentioned devices I tried with others and the transparent tag is not working in all of them.



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    Hi @Borja, I'd recommend dropping a line. Let them know you started a thread on the forums and explain the issue you're having. They should be able to help sort things out.

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    you can also have a look at the returns procedure here

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