Ring issue as per 10758 non readable

  • Hi there as per request in call log above I am starting a thread here

    I have had my ring for a few days now and it has been excellent...
    However I noticed that one side never worked, didn't really click at first as I though my phone was just being wierd but after further testing I can now infirm it don't work on any reader I have...

    Further to that it now seems that neither side works ...

    I. Wondering what the next steps should be...

    @John-McLear @NFC-Ring-Team

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    can you tell us on what readers/phones you tried the ring?
    You'll be able to get an exchange by following this procedure.

  • @Lafunamor I've tried the ring now on two galaxy s4 4g models, as well as on the door card readers at my work, unsure of model,....the ring did work last week and as I haven't been requested to change anything. I know they are the same ones.....

    As to the phones I get no beeps or vibrations it is simply as if nothing is there. Considering I got myself trained well enough that I could unlock my phone 9/10 in under 5 seconds to get no response at all is very telling

    Will follow the procedure now and see what It says. Thanks for your help

  • @Lafunamor I have contacted support to request a exchange...they told me to open a thread here....should I go back to the call and reference the thread?

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    Yes, please.

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    @MarkGabb also note that the door readers at your work might be a different standard than NFC so it's possible that they will not work with the ring.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Sounds like this ring was working then stopped working.. No problems.

    @MarkGabb just follow the process on the returns procedure and we will get a replacement sent out after testing http://nfcring.com/returns

    Thanks! :) J

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