Google Wallet Integration

  • I just ordered my NFC ring and can't wait to get it. I am happy it will unlock my NFS based Android phone (Nexus 5), which is worth the purchase alone, but after seeing Apple's keynote and seeing how easy their NFC based payment system is because of Touch ID, I can't see why this ring can't be used for Google Wallet authentication as well. Is this something that would be hard to implement? I think it would be very convenient not to have to do anything but touch my phone to the terminal then touch my ring to the phone to authorize the payment. Just as easy as Apple's Touch ID solution.


    • Nick

  • @NickDG

    the only problem i see with that is that the terminal uses NFC and the ring uses NFC, its possible that you would have to have two NFC chips in the phone to achieve this.

    or first authenticate the transaction with your ring, then tap it on the terminal.

    the good thing about the apple system is that the fingerprint reader is on the front of the phone and you can hold that whilst tapping the NFC chip in the back of the phone to the terminal.

    I think the NFC / NFC solution would be more clunky and annoying than the NFC / Finger print reader solution.

  • I don't see why the ring itself couldn't be tapped at checkout in the very same manner as a phone/tablet. Logistically, with the right internals this shouldn't be a problem, and would provide the ideal solution.